Jailbreaking a PS3: So Easy a Calculator Could Do It



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Mazter Jedi

So if you decide to try this, does it do any damage to the system? Say, if you run it from a USB stick, can you just remove the stick and boot normally like nothing ever happened?



Sony released a firmware update last night that killed all current jailbreaks. Hopefully the pirate crowd chills for awhile... I'd like for sony to be working on added features... not having to circumvent pirating attempts.



Don't suppose you've noticed, but this is the first time Sony has aggressively went after hackers/pirates. Not just that but Sony has been taking away features (Linux, and PS2 compatability have both been taken away since launch, oh and don't forget the "accidential" bug from a while back that bricks PS3s with aftermarket hard drives). This is exactly why I've given up on Sony and turned to the PC.



this is actually ancient news. and, Sony has already issued an update against the Jailbreaks. step your game up, MaximumPC...

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