iTunes Variable Pricing is Shuffling the Charts



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It's hard to say here.  Personally, it won't really affect me for the most part.  It been a while since I've bought top 40 music.  For some reason, the vast majority has been Rap/hip hop, and that doesn't interest me at all, nor does the vast majority of what's up there.  I wouldn't buy it at .69 a pop, much less .99 or 1.29... 

However, to be honest, I won't be buying a song for 1.29.  I see the .30 extra as being the "I'm a Moron" tax, and I won't pay it.  The 1.29 version isn't 30 cents better than the .99 version, it's exactly the same.  Music is a "want", not a "need", and in this economy, I'm not paying a moron tax for a "want".

In re. the shuffling around of the songs, I'm sure the music company accountants are paying close attention.  My belief is that a lot of that is engineered (ie. promote such and such a song up the wazoo and it goes up).  If a song they want in the top 40 is dropping due to price, they'll lower it to get it back up there.

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