iTunes 9 on Windows 7 is a Bit Wonky When Synced with the iPhone



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 Care to explain that one Apple?






I have been having the same issues with my ipod and Windows 7, iTines does detect the thing at all.



iPhone is one of the greatest gadgets ever, unfortunatly it ha sbeen made by one of the most proprietary firms ever : Apple and more unfortunatly can only be used with the most retarded/crippled/ridiculous software ever: iTunes


iTunes is not only having problems with win7, iTunes is notorious for not being compatible with anything at all, it wouldn't update my iPhone on my vista64 bit high end computer and its having problems running even on mac ffing books ! 


i would love to have an iPhone/iPod that can simply be connected using a freacking simple USB cable lie anything useful ! 



It should be noted that this occurs especially on the P55 chipset, mine syncs perfectly fine on a X58 machine.



QuickTime on Windows was always a buggy POS, and iTunes has always been a lousy media manager. (Ran into this one this week: No easy way to mass delete all the files that can no longer be found.)

I've gone through periods where iTunes doesn't acknowledge that I have an iPod plugged in. Windows knows it's there. iTunes is clueless. Reboot, nothing. Reinstall iTunes, nothing. Then, magically, it starts working again.

If I had a spare 3 bills, I'd go Zune HD and never look back.


Preferred boot, but will give this Maximum PC thing a try.



Enter the MPC Zune HD Contest.




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