Itty Bitty Fuel Cells Could be the Future of Mobile Devices



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The article says a full milliamp, not an amp. It would take a thousand of 'em to produce an amp. Two-thousand in series-parallel to produce an amp at 1.4 volts. Even still, I can't think of any rechargable AA battery on the market that would produce a full amp for 30 hours. The NIMH AA batteries for my digital camera are only 1600mAH, or 1.6 amps for an hour...




I don't know how they handle increased voltage, but .7v @1A is pretty signifigant.  a 2x2 matrix of these is a double a battery.  stacked end on end, aboutt he size of a watch battery, but with the capability to draw a 2 amp load for 30 hours!  That's tight!  If they'll handle the voltage, and can go in series like current batteries, we just need to stack em up.  .7x2 =1.4 v  (more than most rechargeable AA's who sit at 1.2, though less amps... multiply that by 12, 8.4V!  and still tiny!  Bye bye big square 9v batteries... (they'll now be little & square).

 I hope this is real, and I Hope they are refuelable or at least easily recyclable.  This would pave the way for lots of neat toys!

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Your binary joke brought back all sorts of memories for me from when I was in school. Guess I'm one of the geeks that found that funny.



the cells provide .1 mA each



but if you used enough ofthem to make what something the size of a touch pad on a laptop...think about that...

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