It's Worse than Microsoft Thinks: IE8 Users Downgrade to IE7



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its a beta, don't expect it to work perfectly... and anyways im a firefox user and i still love it!!



i like ie8. i install ie8. and i am keeping the new version of ie, ie 8.

these "people" that are always claiming that bill gates is the devil, do not know that, they are the devil.




that's so funny.☻




I Beta tested IE8 and found it horrible...problem after problem, too many to list.  I got rid of it the same day and went back to IE7 (for all flamers, I also use Chrome, FF, and Opera - just because I can).  Well, I downloaded IE8 on release day and decided to give it another try... 

 To run it I had to (after installing it) go back and apply default settings across the board - java, flash, etc...wouldn't work.  I pressed on, I use Free Download Manager (FDM) to download files - it won't work, I have it enabled and it simply will not run, and I cannot change the "associations" to make it the default.  With IE7, I click a download link and FDM pops up, instead of the default downloader in IE.  Problem 3, when surfing, I open new tabs based on links within articles, etc.  I like to bookmark those tabs (quite often).  However, IE8 new tabs default back to the "root favorites" tab instead of the previously used folder.  I like it to be within the same folder so I'm not having to dig through my folder list to put it where it belongs.  This is a piece of junk from MS.  I'm rolling back to IE7 tonight.  Yeah, IE7's not the greatest, but at least it works... 

 I considered calling Microsoft (their number is listed on the IE8 download page), but then I thought...why would I waste my time... 


Keith E. Whisman

I beta tested IE8 for a day as well and uninstalled it because it killed my McAfee security suite that Cox cable offers with it's broadband service. Why would a web browser kill my security suite? I would open up McAfee and the McAfee screens would all be blank no words or options no nothing. After uninstalling IE8 Beta it all came back. I now use NIS2009 with no problems.

But certainly IE8 digs into the OS really deep. Programs that use IE just wouldn't work with IE8. I don't know if that is fixed and it sounds like it's not. Perhaps programmers need to make their software compatible with IE8 as IE8 certainly has changed alot under the hood compared to IE7. 



Really, does it take a genius to figure out what's going on here?


From the article, "IE8's market share ramped up to 2.59 percent on Sunday. By Monday, that number dropped to 1.86 percent and today sits at 1.17 percent."  So, people went home and downloaded IE8 to their home computers, surfed around a bit and IE8's market share went up to 2.59%.  These people then went back to work on Monday, where their software is mandated by an IT guy who hasn't bothered/has no reason to update the company's software to IE8, so they're all using IE7 at work. Thus 8's market share drops to 1.17%.  I think it's a fairly decent bet that it's going to swing back up again this weekend. 


This article's assertion that people must be uninstalling IE8 and reverting back to IE7 is a pretty irresponsible piece of reporting. 


BTW, I don't know what's wrong with you guys' chrome installs (mentioned in earlier comments), but I run chrome ALL the time (right this second, actually), and never have any crashes.  (On Vista 64 Home Premium, btw.)  I find it to be solid as a rock.


Keith E. Whisman

I get some freezes. I think it's caused by website components hanging in the browser. For the most part Chrome is excellent and as well as you I also am using Chrome right now.



If Microsoft bothered to adhere to industry standards, they might be relevant to the web today.

I'm reminded of Princess Leia talking to General Tarkin: "The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers."

 MS FrontPage FTL!




MS screwed around too long - and IE7 didn't do a thing for me with that clumsy UI.  I've used Firefox so long now without issue (and its market share as increased to the point almost every site codes for it) that IE8 is nothing of interest to me.



...with IE8, and it's head and shoulders above IE7.  I think that this "story" is nonsense.  Chrome, on the other hand, is now uninstalled due to it crashing every 3 seconds, even on Google-owned sites like YouTube and Maps.  Yes, Windows 7.  Excuses?  Nah, not really - none of the other browsers seem to have a problem.  Take your "aw snap"s somewhere else.  IE8, the new one not the one that originally came with Windows 7 earlier this year, seems to be pretty nippy, and has crashed once.  FF3 is still more stable, in my opinion.  But IE8 really seems to be "up there" with FF3.

Also, am I the only one to think it's a bit silly, after only 3 days, to start talking about mass-conversions away from IE8?  I suspect that most of the general population doesn't even know it exists yet.  Oh wait, this is how MaxPC gets its revenues...


Keith E. Whisman

Actually I can't even find Chrome support for Win7 64bit. I hope they make a Win7 64bit Chrome install. I love chrome and would love to use it in my Win7 beta install.

I'm using Chrome in Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit with 8gigs of ram and it's very reliable but sometimes it does freeze up rather than crash. 


Keith E. Whisman

So Download IE8 today it's great! And help keep the pet population under control by eating a stray cat or dog today. Or you could have your cats and dogs spayed and neutered but my idea tastes much better.



No complaints here.  Seems noticeably faster and haven't encountered a single hiccup (only 3 days or so of usage) but it's too early to make a verdict for sure.  Ever since Adobe fixed their freaking flash.ocx issue, IE7 had been running stable as all get up so the overall migration to IE8 is less than earth shattering for me.  No bad experiences that would prompt a retrograde back to IE7 thus far...

I use IE8 for a significant list of regularly visited sites, then I use Opera for everthing else. 



...Suggests that IE8 is most vulnerable to "social malware", whatever that means.

 Although curiously IE7 is the least vulnerable. Is this related? Who knows?



...some people are reverting back to IE7.  I tried IE8 on my quad-core Vista x64 desktop and it performs quite admirably; the converse, unfortunately is not true for my single core outdated laptop running XP.  It's quite laggy when starting up and takes more time to render pages.  Firefox on my low end laptop is definitely a more satisfying browsing experience than with IE8.  I have had errors on the new IE8, but I'll chalk it up to being new for now.  One thing I do like about IE8 is that some of the websites that render correctly on Firefox, incorrectly on IE7, now render correctly on IE8.  So, there has been some progress.  For now I'll continue with Firefox as my main browser and monitor IE8's performance.


Keith E. Whisman

I actually like IE8 and I've had no problems with it. I still prefer as my default web browser Google Chrome. It freezes up and crashes alot and sometimes becomes unresponsive but I just like it. I love the favorites bar and the tabs at the top of the screen and how Chrome is almost borderless with no borders at the left and bottom of the screen when maximized and just how fast it is. When I'm downloading files via bittorrent Chrome is the fastest. It's faster than anything else I have. I've got IE8, Google Chrome, FireFox 3.2beta and the latest Safari release and Chrome is the browser of choice for me. It's just easy to use. I just like opening up another tab and having a list of my most used websites right there and it's as simple as typing a question or something in the address bar and pressing enter to do a google search. Sorry I'm a fanboy and to think befor I got my G1 Android phone and the Google Chrome browser I was a google hater. I always used for my search jobs.  

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