It's a Touchy-Feely World: All In One Shipments Outshine Traditional Desktop Growth



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There aren't too many examples I can think of where touch surpasses the productivity of good keyboard shortcuts and the precision of a mouse. That being said, I'll take a touchscreen any day over a trackpad or tracknub. And for that, the touchscreen makes sense on a laptop.

On a desktop, touchscreens break the all important "flow". It's long been understood in UI design that having to move from keyboard to mouse is a tremendous flow breaker. Having to move your hands from keyboard or mouse to the monitor is even worse. It just doesn't make much sense on the desktop for generic applications. For specific applications, like video editing or managing a photo library, touchscreens might make more sense. I imagine the majority of users aren't performing these tasks too often though.



I agree. My cousin has a touch screen monitor but admits that he can't really find any uses for it. When it comes down to it the mouse/keyboard combo are still winners.



I have touchscreen tablet-laptop (X201t) and really like it with Win8 (it is at best marginal with Win7 - pen makes it usable). I can't see a point in big touchscreen except maybe to quickly check news/status/weather in Win8 *if* you keep your PC running 24/7. Otherwise I would resort to smartphone or real tablet that is always ready/always on.

IMHO desktop PCs/AIO need to evolve in their design/features to compete. They are needed for more serious tasks even for an average household (non-gamers) but are not designed to be always on (fans, idle power etc) or cool/silent.

I have looked for something cool and quiet for that purpose and built fanless PC that is on 24/7 ( SSD for OS, hybrid for data, Intel i5-2500T, 25W idle.

I would like to be able to replace my monitor with touchscreen or get some overlay when I upgrade to Win8... any ideas/suggestions? I have dell U2410 ...



Touch is a useful function for certain applications (just check out some of the innovative stuff in Apple's App Store). I'd love to be able to have some of those programs on my PC. But outside those applications, I don't see much use for it... I can't think of anything I already use on my desktop that I'd prefer to have a touch screen for.



I bought a 23" touchscreen for my computer a couple of years ago. It's decently fun to scroll through things, but when it comes to actually doing stuff, nothing beats a mouse. I don't think I've even touched my screen in a few months.



that screen must be lonely;
if you don't tap that, someone else will


Jacob Stanbery

By the time Windows 8 is out, I plan to install a touch screen kit between the LCD screen on my laptop and the front bezel. Since that option's only $100-150 on most displays, I'm sure that many people would just do that.



Link to one of these kits? I'm curious

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