It's Somewhat Official: Fox's New Online Content Policy Turns Hulu Viewers Into Pirates



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I think this is a new revenue stream for them. Since they know which IPs have been accessing their Hulu content, they now can monitor to see if the same IPs are seeding torrents. The ISPs then roll over like a lap dog and give these people up and forward the whole package to the legal department where they send out a nice give us $5k for us to leave you alone letter. Brilliant!



Just imagine how we Canucks have it. Thanks to the CRTC Canadian based "specialty" networks have near monopolies, thus no Comedy Central, Cartoon Network for us (we get the Comedy Channel and Teletoon instead). These Canadian stations mostly show American content, but long after it debuts in USA. We don't see new South Park episodes until they're months old, and the newest season of Futurama has not even started to be shown here yet. The newest Futurama we see are the made-for-TV movies. Many of the programs advertised as "new" here are half a decade old, they just haven't been shown here before. This is because the CRTC wants to promote Canadian content, which results in really crappy Canadian shows plus really old American ones (our Canadian stations buy them when they're old because they're cheaper then).

All it serves in reality is to drive people like me to download the newest episodes via Bittorrent...



Trey Parker and Matt Stone have come out as unofficially supporting the free download of all their content.  the only reason they don't just give it away themselves is because comedy central hates it's viewers and, sadly, owns their stuff.



As a fellow Canadian, I completely agree with you. The CTRC is completely broken, ever since the internet became so popular. They really should stop trying to force Canadians to watch Canadian content. They should instead support the creation of good Canadian content, with grants and arts funding. Americans are free to watch what ever content they want, but they mainly watch American content because there is so much of it, and some of it is great.


Holly Golightly

Oh, this is not much of a surprize. Actually, this has been a trend among TV stations nationwide. So I am not surprized. AdultSwim from Cartoon Network is taking a similar approach to this. With Gold Membership, exclusively available to select Cable/Satellite TV providers. It is apparent these providers are clinging on with every nail they have before their great collapse. Fact is, we should not be paying for TV if commercials already pay for our programming. What these guys are doing is practicing greed, which is self destructive. Come on everybody, let's hop on the NetFlix train!



I am a pretty big fantasy nerd and I used to watch Legend of the Seeker religiously when it was fairly new and Hulu had ALL of the episodes up. I would even watch the commercials too. Then they changed it so that you could only watch certain episodes within some weird timeframe from when they aired.  I lost continuity with the series and I haven't watched a single episode since.  I'm sure I am not alone in this regard and they are losing a  bunch of advertising revenue because of this behavior.



Um... DUH. Did anyone NOT see this coming?



* raises hand*


No, I did not not see this coming.




So if I am understanding this correctly, Fox manged to help plug the hole in their "profit boat" that pirates were sinking. And now that the hole isn't so leaky, they are going to possibly make it bigger again because?

You forgot to use /sarcasm tag...some people might think you're serious



...well f---


Brad Chacos

Ha, that was a copy-and-paste job from Hulu. I ain't scared of tossing up a little adult language, but I'm not going to go out of my way to manually add it back in.



lol, all good. I was just going along with the copy'n'paste. Reminds me of South Park, which I an conveniently watching on Hulu

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