It's Official: Microsoft Brand Store Fronts Coming Soon



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Keith E. Whisman

Wow look at that. What a surprise they are going to have an XBOX 360 isle. Cool. I wonder if they are going to have an Open Source isle as well. You know MS OpenWindows with Distros for every taste. Also the MS distro will incorporate DirectX and support Windows Apps and the package manager is the same as Windows to make it easy to install any windows software. 

Well OK I guess none of that exists yet but it's a dream.  



i hope the store have all microsoft products, and not just the most expensive items only.


Keith E. Whisman

Please God I mean Bill Gates please build a store in Phoenix, Arizona.

 But really this is great news as it will provide jobs to those that really need them in these hard times. There is going to be warehouses and distrobution centers and trucks for shipments and more work for UPS and FedEx and this is great news. It's not going to fix the economy but it's a start. Hopefully more businesses will branch off from this and yet others in other industries.

The economy would have bounced back quicker if Bush had let the banks that gave bad mortgages fail and go out of business or get bought out by other banks. You don't bail out banks. You help people..

Hell there are banks that are getting money that aren't even in the mortgage business. 



It should be WHERE are these stores going to be. I'd love to have one in my area, but even the closest Apple store is 30 miles away from where I live, and we even have TWO malls where I live.

I hope to see a MS store in at least one of them. The other interesting question is will they then support XBOX as well?



and I fully realize that I could easily be wrong about this,
but I'm thinking fail, maybe even epic fail.



I agree.



WHere was this idea when Microsoft had the Great Win 98/Win 98SE debacle? Remember when everyone went to get the Win 98SE upgrade but the stores were chock full og win95 to win 98 discs? How about when they released Vista you could find out that Vista wouldn't run on your PIII Compaq, or that you just needed Home Basic.

 I like the idea - have a store where you can figure out which version of Office is right for you AND BUY IT THERE. I would love to see it run with a download center instead of disks. You buy a license and they download the software onto a disc or USB key and then off you go, or even install it for you! Anyway, we'll see what they deliver. It will be all too easy to just have shelves of outdated software, or the version you aren't looking for, and employees with no clue. I get that everyday at the local PC store. And what kind of support will they offer for OEM software?

You can't compare them to Apple because Apple has the Genius bar where they can diagnose both hardware and software problems. Will a MS guy diagnose a failing hard drive or bad RAM? Or can they help you if a third party app has trashed your inbox?



"...create a world-class shopping experience..." Porter said.
"...we’ll share learnings..." ???

 Where do people learn to talk like this?  I can't take anyone seriously who mutilates the English language in this way.

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