It's Official: Left-Handed Razer Naga MMO Mouse Coming Due To Popular Demand



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Insula Gilliganis

Yeah.. another product Ned Flanders can sell at The Leftorium!!



Being a lefty myself, I can say I'll be looking at the finished product when it comes out. However I hope they do allow for button stability as I learned to mouse with the left hand but keeping the buttons normally oriented in software, and I can say I can do a middle finger double click faster than some out there.

But the main question does remain, why in the hell is there so few ambidextrous high end mice anyways ? It surly can't be difficult to make them with moveable pieces to fit either hand. We DO have the technology !



I'm surprised they don't enginner a mouse that can flipped between left and right handed use. I imagine the engineers that did the Cybor RAT mice could pull it off. Then they'd have only 1 thing to market, produce, ship, and support and not have to worry how many left-handers do or don't buy one.

My uncle has a tshirt that says "God made only a few perfect people. The rest he made right handed."



What a waste of money. 10% of the population is left handed. When you subtract off everyone who isn't gamers and everyone who don't buy Razer products you end up with maybe 20 people buying this thing.



I'll be one of those 20. I just hope that they plan on making it a wireless mouse.



700 million people is a good number of people to make stuff for.. :D

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