It's Official: China Owns the Supercomputing Crown



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32000 4 core Xeons probably runs around 9 million bucks. 48000 Phi cards probably cost them 100 million bucks. Costs around $1780 per hour to run this, not including the cost of cooling.



Sure it's fast but with China's horrible QC can they keep it running long enough to accomplish anything?



Can it do everything Ultron or Brainiac can do??


Bullwinkle J Moose

There are now dozens of computers around the globe that can utilize realtime input from a multitude of tracking sensors including Radar, infrared, ground sensors, range finders, backscatter x-ray, motion sensors, millimeter wave, Ultra Low Frequency, ground penetration, wi-fi imaging, motion tracking video and facial recognition to name just a few

A combination of sensors can even differentiate the difference between an empty underground faraday cage and a storage facility full of Nazi Gold

If other County's can track ALL Americans in realtime regardless of weather or not they think they are anonymous and moving without identification, does anyone on this site think the NSA would not do the same?

It is a very simple matter to overlay a meta tag for every human on the planet using Google Earth as long as there are enough sensors and then track and identify any suspicious individuals and follow them throughout their entire life and monitor the electronics they use and whomever they associate with



But can it run Metro??



Metro uses 10 times more power than the graphics would merit, what a horrible game... Bad coding aside, Hard mode is very easy and to play it on hardcore you're expected to pay an additional 5$. It's like they're trying to encourage people to pirate their game.



It'd be great if the Chinese government banned Metro!

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