It's Official: Barnes & Noble Rolls Out 8GB Nook Tablet for $199



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Some people may not mind getting half the RAM and storage for $50 less, some will.

Of the 8GB of storage, 5GB are available (due to formatting and the OS I'm guessing), 1GB of which is locked for store content. You'll probably want to buy a microSD card if you want to store movies on it, and at that point it's not a bad idea to just get the 16GB one for more RAM too.

Also, according to their website, the 16GB version can be reconfigured for more personal storage in stores starting on March 16th, which definately makes it the better option imo.

But again, some people will just use it for streaming, and if that's all they want it for then the 8GB version is perfectly fine.



I think you are miss understanding what you are getting with the Nook, storage/memory wise.

Out of the 5 or 6 gig's of memory avail, YOU are the one that gets the 1 gig or less memory to play with. B&N gets all of the rest for store content. This is basically the same with the current Nook, you get 1 gig of memory they get the rest (15ish gig's) for store content.

Also (note that I may have this wrong but I've seen it mentioned on a couple of reliable sights such as AnandTech and Paul Thurrott's in order to access any storage you may install via the memory card slot you must use a computer. As in, you cannot access the memory card directly from the Nook. For instance, as I understand it, if you download a Pdf doc for later reference you will be sending it to your 1 gig of memory. If you need that space or want to store that Pdf out of the way for the time being, then you must download the file to a computer then then re-upload to the memory card.

Likewise , when you want to use that Pdf later (say to refer to it while you repair something. While your computer is offline) you must first put on a computer then back on the Nook's internal memory. Which makes that "32 gig" almost a joke.



But are 7GB of the memory locked for B&N only content like the 16GB version? If so, they still don't get it. I rooted my Nook Tablet so it is a moot point for me. But if they want to see these thing succeed, they will open them up from being locked to their respective markets.



I don't believe they (B&N) are measuring success in the same way that you are. Their goal isn't necessarily to get one of these devices into the hands of every creature on the planet. Their goal is to use the device as a tool to push additional, higher profit, content.



Cheaper, quicker and easier too; out of their element in hardware and agree content is the carrot.

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