ITC Report: China's Ineffective Piracy Policies Cost Americas Millions of Jobs



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Obviously piracy costs companies money,but they are WAY bigger fish to fry. Maybe if you stopped outsourcing all the jobs and all the patent trolling and silly intellectual property suits, that may help.


Besides, probably 90% of the software pirated probably wouldn't have been purchased anyway. And you can't expect a country on the other side of the world with half the population living hand to mouth to recognize your intellectual property rights that have basically been forced on them in the first place.


I'm not trying to say that piracy isn't costing some jobs, but c'mon, stop blaming everything in the world on it. (I'm not sure how they pull the statistics on this kind of thing out of their asses.)



You wanna know what REALLY is costing US jobs? All the tax breaks that corporations continue to get despite moving nearly their entire workforce overseas. But yeah, no one wants to talk about that.

This report is yet another pound of horse manure by the anti-piracy brigade that refuses to understand that a pirated copy != a lost sale.



Okay, let's get something straight, Posters... the ITC is not just talking software here, They're talking games, music, software, clothing, and other technologies, hell, there are entire factories in china which are perfect clones of american and japanese facilities.

I'd say it's not a problem of lax enforcement ont he chinese part, it's a problem of they are making WAY to much money to actually develop their own things when they can steal from the rest of the world. and considering our government is paid very well by both chinese and multi-national interest to specficially not care about jobs and tech heading over there, stolen or otherwise, I don't see it changing.



China used to be communist, until from recent years, a more democratic government took place which allowed the people to China to finally make their own buisnesses, etc etc.

Now this is fact. For some reason, the Chinese (in China, excluding Hong Kong and probably other countries) thinks that the quickest way to get rich is to use dirty ways such as using cheap, dangerous plastic infused with mercury, mass produce, ???, and profit!! Well, I guess that's what you expect after communism destroyed the higher, middle, and lower classes of China.

I've seen a show where they'd see how poorer people do buisness. They'd plagerize famous paintings, make clones of watches, use paper to make dumplings (70% paper, 30% meat aprox if I remember), put whatever chemicals in frozen foods, and etc. As long as they can the cheap resources to make a clone of another, ethics don't matter.

In fact, getting the resources to create a clone of another product is easy as hell. For watches: 1. Get the clone of the strap from another store specialized in watch straps, 2. Get other manufacturers to make a clone of the casings, 3. Fake the insides! 4. ??? 5. Easy profit for 'em.



But hey, it's the free market at work, right? No pesky goverment regulations to get in the way. If you don't like paper dumplings or lead toothpaste just pick another brand, right? At least that's how Republicants would like our country to work.



I doubt China's piracy issue would affect American jobs significantly, a lot of software development is outsourced to different countries, particularly India. Any major software title has a large amount of outsourced code, either to another company, or the same company producing the software in a different country which is quite often the case.

In other words: blame the lack of software development-related jobs on outsourcing.



I blame the US for spending a trillions of dollars on false wars (ie. Vietnam War), weapons, nuclear technology, etc.


I mean seriously, Americans wouldn't have suffered so much from unemployment if the they were to use the money wisely in re-building their economy, free health care, and other important things besides using war as a way to gain power and authority.



Wow, I think your serious, you are the most ignorant person I've ever read or seen on the internet to date.  (journel entry for future comparison)



Dude, it's been confirmed that the Golf of Tokin Incident was confirmed to be a false flag by the US Government. They falsly claimed that the Vietnam forces attacked their ships so they could gain power and all sorts.

All this info was video/audio taped and there were actual documents that showed evidence that the Vietnam War was a false flag. All thanks to wiki-leaks, we now know that the lives of 54,000 soldiers could have been saved and the millions of civillians were murdered, unfortunately.

They say that the Gulf of Tokin incident ignited the Vietnam War, but through wikileaks, we now learn that the Americans started the war. It's all over the net... go search...


Do you think I'd blame everything on China? No, I blame the US for igniting false wars and wasting trillions of dollars on war as a friggin excuse. Sure China has their problems for piracy, but I believe that US can remain stable if the Government was to USE that money wisely and supply companies most needed of money to survive, or even better yet, unemployed people. Hoewver, we have to make sure the people who are unemployed are the true works and not those who lie just to get the money they need to get another job and to survive.



BRB, I need to go grab my tinfoil hat.



Oh well. The american media is in English anyway so....... they cant really enjoy it at all :D



How is it consting american's money?  These chinese people who are pirating wouldn't BUY software instead.  They certainly don't call american tech support.  the only additional cost to provide a chinese version of most software is localization.  If companies choose to localize a product for a market that they know is primarily pirating their software, that's their choice.  it costs american companies nothing extra for the chinese to get one copy of the already released software and make a billion copies on their own, and it costs american companies nothing in support.  it is literally a situation wherein the only way they CAN lose money is in taking active efforts to try to fight it.

It's the same problem that IP companies in america have fighting poor people and children over piracy.  the people in these demographics would not purchase their media or products in lieu of piracy, and piracy incurrs literally $0 in actual damages (one person buys a CD, and takes an ISO copy of it...).


Bullwinkle J Moose

The Poll results are in

American Companies cost Americans Trillians of dollars and millians of jobs by stealing intellectual property from honest Americans and calling it their own

results compiled by;

Factual Polling Professionals of America

(no relation to Lying Cheating Stealing Pollster Basterdz Inc)





Represented by the law offices of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

no duh china has been f***ing with americas economy for quite a while but were to nice to really do anyhting about it.



Chinas piracy policy aint got nothing on American politicians! 



blaming others for their own shortcoming wouldnt solve anything

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