Italy Takes $1.2 Million Bite Out of Apple for Unfair Commercial Practices



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alright. you guys are a computer website/magizine. so you should have spellcheck correct?


"Italy has been keep a close eye on Apple's operations"

this sentence is from your article. keep should be keeping.


"Italy has been keeping a close eye on Apple's operations"


and not only that but i was trying to make a account and i was forced to opt into some crap. i entered 15 different word capchas and none of them worked. but low and be hold the sencond i click i want to opt into that crap my account gets created.....this is crap. i should be forced to do something i dont want to.....




And not only that, but it's "an account." Also, you missed "lo and behold." You also misspelled "second" as "sencond." Additionally, ellipses do not take the place of perfectly good periods. For someone so obsessed over perfect spelling, you don't seem to be able to string together more than two words without bastardizing the English language.


h e x e n

You mean you "shouldn't" be forced to do something you don't want to?

Kind of hard to be a grammar nazi when you can't even type out your own sentences correctly. By the way, you forgot to capitalize You, So, This, Keep, And, I, I, I, But, I, I, I and I.



1.2 Milion is nothing at all! when you own a multi billion dollar company that is...



especially when you got more money than the US government.

That said, I hope it isn't possible to buy out a country. Obama being re-elected is one thing, but Apple owning the United States is another, considering their business practices.

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