It Takes 16,000 Computer Processors to Recognize a Cat



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Though I'm enjoying the back and forth... basically if you read below all you'll get is:

Silencer - "Trolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololo...."
Yup, entire comments area successfully corrupted.
I helped propogate it by not leaving him be, but his wedging himself into my comments with religious citation and nay-saying... yeah, hate that cr@p.
Sorry for ruining the comments lol, hopefully you're equally as entertained below though. ^_^


The Second Comi...

Chicken Pants thinks google is searching for the wrong kind of pussy!


John Pombrio

This shows the limitations of computers to do what humans do so easily. About a quarter of our brain is used for facial recognition (really! look it up). Pattern recognition and interpreting speech is also easily done. Computers have long had severe issues in doing these simple tasks and it takes a LOT of computing power to accomplish it.
Its not a zero sum game tho. Once the algorithms are in place, they only get better with time and more computational power thrown at it.



Ultimately our brains are Analog Massively Parallel Super Computers.

Even what some have said to compare the number neuron connections to transistors can not compare to the nature of signal processing going on in your brain.

so no simulation accurately compares the two.

your brain running at 30Hz still manages to crunch millions of billions of transactions between neurons, cross-linked transactions at that!

Running in a fussy logic, error correcting, redundant state.

that means your brain can use the same segments for different tasks simultaneously. Your computer can not do that, nor can software.

even while dormant it still puts everything known to man to shame at 5Hz.

Some day maybe... right now the human body is one of the most sophisticated nano-machines known to exists. Self repairing, Self correcting, Converting its own fuel from almost any substance, recycling what isn't used, maintaining a complex system of dedicated systems with constant supply of oxygen and nutrients, able to adapt quickly to extreme environments on the planet (sunlight, cold, hot, water, deserts, low oxygen), self updating anti virus with adaptive code.

Able to support a wide range of high speed peripherals at the same time, HD optical inputs taken from 2 sources which it can extrapolate dimensional measurements on the fly.
High Def sound inputs can locate directional sound vibrations.
Full body temperature, damage and pressure sensitive enclosure, with extras for environmental protection, hair, hard tipped working tools, with included heat regulation system.
Air scanning equipment for detecting chemicals and raw materials for consumption airborne particle scanner.
Wet mineral/chemical scanner for checking raw materials for safety and quality for core needed elements to be approved and broken down into nutrients for continued operation.
Communication tools for making sound vibrations and physical appearance expressions.
Complete self repairing frame, for mounting all this on, interconnected with about 700-800 electrical operated tissues that contract on command, also self repairing and adaptable, all operating in concert to allow for self locomotion in any direction. (lets see your computer carrier itself to the next lan party!)
Endocrine System able to produce wide range of chemicals
Possible other quantum level functions yet discovered.

All said functioning systems can all run at the SAME time while interacting with one another in realtime!

Each input can be cross referencing with ALL known memory storage in realtime!!

That is just a rough list of what your brain has at its command!

A real piece of nano tech you got there!

You should take care of it!

Even IBM's Sequoia can power itself like you can!

When Sequoia can run on a single apple for days, i will be impressed.



Sorry guy, but I can't run on a single apple for 1 day, let alone for more than 1.



Though it may seem inefficient at first glance, that's where self-writing algorithms come into play.
That system has taught itself how to recognize a cat, as a cat. It uses that data to compile an algorithm for faster referencing based on a certain data set. It can then use that algorithm as a test bed for data and image referencing of future things and adjust as normal. When reference and analytic algorithms can begin to self analyze and self adjust to improve themselves... based in an AI construct... you start to get what we've been taught by sci-fi movies to be AI. The REAL issue is when that construct begins to analyze itself and determines itself to be an individual entity, ie. self aware.



Mwahaha, my plan to turn MPC into troll wars has succeeded! ^_^

Seriously Silencer, you need to watch Ghost in the Shell... chances are mind = blown. Or you'd have a major fit resulting in a cerebral hemmorage... one or the other.

Pretty much every counter arguement I 'would' have stated has been argued already... that's for stealing my counter rage thunder guys >.<

All I can really do it refer to Ghost in the Shell. This movie/series is imho what Deus Ex wishes it could be. Both represent a fairly accurate image of where our society and technology are heading, but the time frame is off ~50 years most likely, though I honestly can't remember what year its supposed to be in GitS. Religion aside, the body is nothing more than an organic computer with pretty much every body system having an equivalent digital counterpart in modern society. DNA is nothing but organic self replicating memory that defines us specifically as individuals and allows replication and diversity propogated by the impending death of the body at any given time. This isn't yet possible with digital forms as most programming and digital mechanics are static and only change via direct input or commands, and not through self determination or as organic systems do.
I'm at work now though, so instead of rambling, just watch GitS like i've said twice now, and basically I agree with everything in this movie from a philosophic standpoint. Technology is blurring all the old lines and making new ones. Instead of simple lines on a paper, imagine our society being redefined using lines akin to trying to read a cpu schematic. This doesn't discount religion, but does force most religions to take a more firm look at themselves and their relevance in the modern world. 2000 years ago, no one could have imagined hardly even 1% of what is commonplace and overlooked in the modern world.



Love that anime. But the show has some flaws though.



Of course the show has some flaws, but if you don't go through it to tear it apart, it does very good job of retaining a level of potential realism. About as realistic as any other future society concept really. ^_^
I guess Deus Ex would be closer to potential outcome in that it focuses more on conspiracy theory and the downturn of man due to technological extremes and ideologies.
Either way, both are a blast with plenty of food for thought.



And this demonstrates the flaw of computers: they suck at being human because they sorely suck at pattern recognition.

I'm pretty sure you didn't need to see 10 million random cats before you could see any cat like shape and say that's a cat.



today cats...

tomorrow humans hiding under rubble.



Now just imagine what they could have done if they had used Sequoia for this. Sequoia has 1.6 million compute cores. I'm just sayin'. :)

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