iSuppli: Seagate Still No. 1 (in HDD Market)



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Samsung is better than both of them.



Yeah just think if their supply could meet the demand.



Will be interesting to see how Dataquest reports on the numbers POST-current quarter.

I will say this though, both companies have developed great products, both have survived decades of industry consolidation, both should be commended.  That said, Western Digital is starting to eat Seagate's lunch...and they are doing it with less overhead, less people, smaller factories, better time-to-market execution and over-all BETTER employee MORALE.

Seagate used to be the west coast king of companies in the industry, but the real "western" king is emerging something fierce.  Seagate is now just stuck between a "rock" and a "wet" place.  Don't understand what that means?  Talk to some of their domestic employees, they'll be happy to explain it to you...



Only ever owned Western Digital, and they're all still running. I was never comfortable buying a Seagate (saw my father have too many die on him).



Every hard drive I own, or have ever owned (with the exception of one) was/is a Seagate drive. Never had a problem with any of them. The one non-Seagate drive was a Western Digital drive that didn't last a month. From then on Seagate only for me.



Seagate on top?!?  They must also be counting the replacement units on the ones that have failed.  I've never owned a Seagate drive that didn't fail within a year.  I've got several WD drives that have been running well over five, and even though they're backed-up nightly, I've developed a comfort level with WD that exceeds any other MFR.  Just my $.02.



I'm going to have to agree with you, they must be counting replacements.  I've had more Seagate drives fail at work than I care to admit.  SCSI and IDE alike they just never had a solid dependable drive in my eyes.  I've replaced most with WDs and a lot have been running for 6+ years now.  I use only WD at home and my original Raptor have been running RAID 0 for 5+ years, which I would have thought these would have died by now.

I know most 7200.11 firmware issues have been corrected, if they are still even using that version, but I just don't trust them yet.  Although Seagate doesn't compare to Maxtor's (Diamond Max Plus 8) failure rate, I dubbed the Diamond Max Plus "FAIL".

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