iSuppli: Internet Enabled TV More Popular than 3D TV



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This shouldn't really be a surprise since most people nowadays can't really live without the internet. They're getting much more from a internet-ready HDTV than with a 3D TV since they can go online with the former. While there are some of these HDTVs which have built-in WiFi, there are those who aren't. So the question goes, how would you be able to hook these devices up with internet connection specially when your router and these devices aren't on the same room? The answer for that is simple. Do it wirelessly with Netgear Universal WiFi Internet Adapter. This WiFi adapter is compatible with most internet-ready devices such as TVs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, and more. You can also use it to connect notebooks, wireless printers, and other networked  home theater devices. For more information about the Netgear Universal WiFi Internet Adapter, visit and discover this wonderful device from Netgear. Enjoy!



TV Manufacturers should worry about increasing the quality of their displays, and reducing cost, rather than trying to force gimmics like this onto me. I have enough content at my fingertips (PS3, DVDs, HTPC), I don't want to pay for another closed system, and regardless of how we look at it, these features cost $ to develop, which are passed onto us.


The spam filter needs to go if it doesn't work.



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What in the fuck is this? Do you see why Captcha needs to go? All your doing is annoying your users and participants. We log in and still have to go through the admittedly small inconvievence but still annoying especially after making multiple posts. Meanwhile your getting spamed by idiots who have no idea that us Computer geeks have no interest in buying a freaking wedding dress. Get your acts together !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talcum X

Wont use the net feature, and unless someone can impress the hell out of me with current 3D tech on any given TV out there, that feature isn't a selling point to me either.



Just a few weeks ago the story here was how popular 3D is and will be. 


Ditch Captcha get some mods you lazy S.O.B.s

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