iSuppli: Apple to Dominate Tablet Market Through 2012



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They must think sales of the iPad will be similar to that of the iPod. We have see samples of Android Pads that will be coming out and HP, of course, will have a WebOS Pad as well. These will undoubtedly have more features, generally cost less, and will be available everywhere. It will be more like PC / Notebook sales in my opinion rather than iPad sales with the iPad selling to the chosen few eventually.



These guys at iSuppli are guessing at best.  First of all, there is no real competition for the Ipad right now, so all of the numbers are based on that.  The rest is guessing...  What I see is lots of manufacturers coming out at the Christmas shopping season with their tablets.  Some of those tablets are bound to be real nice and possibly much cheaper or at least similarly priced.  That is why I am waiting till then in regards to buying a tablet...I want to see what is going to be out there.  This maybe the first time where Apple starts a hype (like with MP3 players and Smartphones) but ends up in the losing end becasue other manufacturers were waiting to jump in.

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