iSuppli: 2011 Belongs to Graphics-Enabled Microprocessors



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How does iSpully exsist? no crap 2011 belongs to these chips, THERE THE ONLY ONES BEING CREATED! AMD has been pushing fusio for years, now Intel has jumped on board it's just the way the market HAS been heading for a wile now. Thanks Captan obvious, stay tuned for Captan hiensight up next after the break.



Why is the term graphics-enabled-microprocessor getting thrown around?  APU is a term that's already been around to describe the same exact thing.



Intel spent millions to come up with that term. GEM sounds nice, the ladies like it, it is easy to remember. It sounds rich, magical.. All that. It is neat to say my computer has a GEM inside it. Hell!! It even sounds better than GPU. Nobody knows what a GPU is, when talking among the common layperson.

APU sounds too technical and I have no idea what an Auxilliary Power Unit is doing in my computer anyways.



Because the acronym GEM is much more commercial than APU. That, and it is easier to tell what a graphics-enabled-microprocessor is, vs a accelerated-processing-unit. Now that they are actually selling to the average consumer, they need to make it as digestable as they can.

Don't worry, Intel and AMD will make sure to name the actual processesor line with cryptic and confusing conventions. So, the average person will still have a hard time knowing exactly which GEM they want.



You got that straight slim! I'm so dumb I can't even tell which of intel's new chips is a GEM and which isn't. C'mon intel!! Smarten me up by labeling your chips in an educating manner!


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