Israeli Changes Name to Mark Zuckerberg to Avoid Facebook Lawsuit



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same name will not avoid a lawsuit!



So the guy changed his name to the same as Facebook's CEO.  And?  Dude, there has GOT to be more than one person in this world with that name!  They can't turn their account off just because they don't like the guy's name!  So he changed his name to his to avoid a lawsuit.  Fine, I admit that's wrong on so many levels, but they could have simply taken him to court.  Now they've left themselves open to a discrimination lawsuit by this guy.  He LEGALLY changed his name.  Thats fine and well, but he did it to stop them from suing him over selling likes to developers, which is wrong on his part.  Why don't they all just kiss and make up and agree to agree that it never happened?  While they're at it, they should kill this Timeline thing because I don't know a single person who likes it!


Holly Golightly

Ha haaaaaa, that is a good title: "Mark Zuckerberg sues Market Zuckerberg." Reminds me of one of those fighting game where two people choose the same character... Like in Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. FaceBook is terrible, that is why I do not use it. My goodness, I can't believe that lady was giving him a hard time about the whole name change. It is not in the governments interest to enforce morals down their citizens throats. Although it is Isreal... So who knows. Crazy that he is going to change his family's last name to Zuckerberg too. Now that is just insane. I love it though as it has me laughing like crazy.

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