ISOstick: Is It An Optical Drive Or A USB Stick?



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It would be nifty to be able to select from several different ISO's on the thumb drive, but I can buy a 2GB or 4GB thumb drive for less than $5 from Fry's Electronics, and I can use free tools like the HP USB Key Utility to make an ISO image boot from a thumb drive. I can get 20 such thumb drives from Fry's for the price of their 8GB version.



I agree with n0b0dykn0ws and Blastodon as far as YUMI and XBoot go but coming from someone who literally just got done making some nice toolbox flash drives TODAY using YUMI and WinSetupFromUSB, it would be nice to have a refined system.  YUMI and XBoot are nice but they're not perfect.  For example, I can get UBCD to boot up from my FDD but when I try to boot into PartedMagic from UBCD or try loading just the PMagic iso onto it, it can't find the sqfs file.  It works wonderfully using another tool made by PendriveLinux but I can't get it onto my Multiboot drive :(.  Maybe this tool will finally be able to let me put it on a multiboot drive.  It'll be nice to put ALL of my ISO's on the drive and not have to worry about whether I have a certain disk with me or not.  I'm not so much focused on the boot order (this can be changed... unless of course as many of you have mentioned, it's an older system) but just to streamline the process of booting ISOs from my flash drive will be a big help.



This was a good idea back in 1999.



I don't know about this one. As stated by others it would be good for older systems that don't let you boot from a usb drive. But don't all most all of those have a CD or floppy drive? So a system with a dead CD/floppy? Well maybe, but how many times would you run into that plus why bother with something that old any way? Come to think of it most people playing around with old systems would have an extra drive or two kicking around anyway.

Sure it's a good idea buliding a better mouse trap and all, but why if the perceived improvement really doesn't justify the extra cost? Sounds like a swing and a miss to me.



I thought of something exactly like this a while ago. Except... without the pricetag.



Netac (China) has been making these types of flash sticks for years. They are unavailable in the US but try this link ( or try Ebay austrailia.  I have used the U230, U260, and U208 for Floppy emulation, CD rom boot and HDD. The U230 at a 1GB  might seem like a waste, but being able to reconfigure it as needed is great for computer repair of older industrial equipment when trying to upgrade from the dark ages. They have upgraded models , U265, U220, and U219 available at     



Umm. Am I misreading this or does XBoot not do the same thing?


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