Does Your PC Have What it Takes to be the Rig of the Month?



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Keith E. Whisman

I've only ever got into modding a computer to improve functionality and cooling performance. Although these mods look great I still believe that it's what is on the inside that counts and mods that help performance and usability are what I pay real attention to. 

And why is the contest Void in Arizona? Arizona doesn't have any anti-contest laws.  Unless that's another bull crap trick Janet Nopalitano pulled on us. I was wondering why she was in such a hurry to hop and skip out of the state. Yesterday it was made public that the State has to cut 8billion dollars from it's budget because that is how short it is on cash. The state of Arizona is going to borrow money to pay it's bills. That means there is going to be a lien on the State of Arizona. The state. 

I just hope Janet doesn't screw up the Home Land security as badly as she screwed the state of Arizona which is me as I'm a tax payer and a native of. God I hope Janet gets fired from here office. 


There are countries that have economies that are worth less than what the state of Arizona has bills for. This is bull crap and pisses me off. I was wondering how everything was being payed for. I was thinking that last week as I drove through the valley here and all the streets were in good repair and clean. I bet Janet planned this from the start. Fuck over the state of Arizona and then skip town. 

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