Is Windows Mobile Outselling the iPhone?



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Hey if you can give a try to iphone theme at

Now my pockt PC functions like a iphone



I'm more interested in LinMo, Symbian, and Android than either iPhone or WinMo.



what phone is that shown next to the iphone?



HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro (Touch Pro just adds a slide-out QWERTY kb).  Pretty much the current pinnacle of WinMo phones.  According to HTC, all major US cell providers have already shown interest in licensing/badging it for their network (a la Cingular 8125/Tmobile MDA, etc etc)



Having both a WM6 and a iPod Touch, I must say that the smoothness isn't matchable on a WM6 machine. It has one inherant flaw: It's a windows machine.

 As well, 1.8 mil in the first quarter, 1 mil in a weekend. I think iPhone's catching up. Don't forget that iPhone is just one model (two now), but there are at least 20 WM machines.



Does not matter that the iPhone has more business tools now, IT still will not support it. I work in IT at my firm, and it is banned here for a number of reasons, among them being the use of MAc OS x and safari web browser. Safari is not as secure and neither is Mac OS x. with the advent of web applications, safari is not among the list of supported appliactions, so if you use Outlook you can forget about accessing it from your iPhone. Blackberry's Windows Mobile and Palm devices all support the Outlook web application. The iPhone also does not support push mail, like Blackerry's and the latest Palm's do. The fianlpoitn is that most firms only support one PDA/Smartphone device now, with Blackberry being the first choice as it's management is easier. It si eaiser to disable and wipe a Blackberry if the device is lost or stolen, two things that cannot be done to an iPhone. It all comes down to privacy and protecting data, which canot currently be done with Apples product very well.






I like the Mogul, that was my choice before I saw the Touch Diamond Pro. I'm trying to hold out for that to become available, but my trusty Motorola Q is becoming so antiquated next to the new stuff.

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