Is Microsoft's New Windows Campaign Violating Trademarks?



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Keith E. Whisman

This is just a description that they are raising hell about. Look at all the companies that added XP to their product names after MS released WinXP and AMD has the Phenom and it didn't take long for Gillette to change the name of their 5bladed fusion razor to the Phenom Razor. LOL... I think AMD couldn't stop laughing long enough to start a law suit. Besides AMD added XP to it's Athlon procs after WinXP came out and MS didn't sue over that. Anyhow you don't have to sue over names and descriptions. If you build a Linux distro and sell it and claim that it's Windows Vista Linux edition then you have a trademark battle at hand. One because MS's trademark is used in the products name and you are competing with MS. You are selling a product for profit as well witch makes it worse.

So I will say it again that this whole thing is retarded and if it makes it to court I hope the judge makes this guy pay MS and the courts damages for wasting the courts and MS's time and money.




Couldn't that just mean they've been using the phrase all this time and decided to get the patent on it as soon as they found out that microsoft was ripping them off?

Everyone seems to be assuming that they saw Microsoft's add and then applied for the patent in an effort to create controversy.

You guys are too easily swayed by writing styles.

I think the real issue here though is the phrase itself. I imagine Microsoft is scaring away the kenophobic market base.


Keith E. Whisman

Ugh Kenowhatobic? hogkill is another dude I won't be playing scrabble with..



no text



Zvi Schreiber is a dork. Did he REALLY think he'd get away with this??

Hahaha ...dork


Keith E. Whisman

I have to defend MS this time yet again. It's a description Asshole. WTF. You can't own a description dumbass. Come on. If I say that cat is red you can't force me to quit telling people that a cat is red. Same Difference here.

This is just a dumb dumb dumb ass. And Ballmer is right when he says that the complaint is without merit. They don't mention any other companies product names or use anyone elses trademarks in these ads. Admittedly the ads suck ass but come on.

This is just stupid and dumbass. Like MS getting a pattent on the Page Up and Page Down keys on our Keyboards. Just stupid.



Glad to see someone being reasonable...  This isn't about branding yourself as "pro-MS" or "anti-MS"...  It's about being able to discern blatent stupidity.  Just like you said, MS trying to patent PgUp and PgDown was stupid.  This is equally (if not even more) stupid.



     For once someone is tring to bamboozel Microsoft. is in the wrong as to how they went about it so I doubt they will win. I mean come on filing to make the phrases your trademark and sending Microsoft a letter on the same day and that after the ads are running. As much as I think MS deservers a good kick in the butt for some of the crap they have pulled wrong is wrong and it doesn't matter who's doing it. KOMMANDER

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