Is Microsoft Planning to Use "Kumo" Brand for More than Just Search?



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Keith E. Whisman

Well it seems to me that MS just came up with Kumo because nobody else has yet done so to make MS pay lic fees. Also since Kumo is such an unusual name it's unlikely anybody has registered a domain to force MS to pay through the nose for the domain name. I think it's actually a very smart move on Microsofts part.



from other live services (messenger, XBOX, etc...) now they are going to add yet another vague trademark to their already long list of vague trademarks (.NET, live, cloud, etc...). At least the term "live" has some sort of direct meaning, like "Windows" and "Component Object Model". Kumo is a word like Vista, which at least Vista has some direct meaning. Kumo has no direct english meaning, and will be very difficult for Microsoft to gain any attachment to such a term pulled out of the blue, let alone take away marketshare from Google.

(Off topic) God forbid that they start advertising a clutter filled search over the "dull simplicity" of Google like Ask (and you shall recieve FREE ZWINKY DOLLS and SMILIES and SCREENSAVERS) and Yahoo.

This may seem off topic, but windows 1.0 was advertised at $99 at 1987 (which no doubt required dos preinstalled/sold seperately). Adjusted for inflation that is now about $200, $20 lower than the price of a transferable (non-upgrade/oem) lincense of Home Premium. They are doing a whole lot more (for free) than producing an operation system (which they won't resell like Version 4.0 of windows, which encompases NT 4.0, windows 95, 98, and ME) and an office suite, and their (free) webservices are barely solvent. I see little value into creating yet another trademark, especially if it isn't for something specific.


Keith E. Whisman

Everytime MS comes up with a new product it has to name this product and that's when everyone will claim that the name is a trademark of somesort or is an already licensed name for someone elses product that that person would be happy to share the name as long as MS pays a lic fee. 

MS will be coming up with lots of new products and technologies that need names. So I say don't be hating on MS just because it's looking for cheap names for it's products and I mean cheap as in it doesn't belong to anyone else. 

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