Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Passwords?



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Frankly, I'd be thrilled not to have to remember every mitigating password at every little site.  I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten which password I'm using at which site at which time.  While I don't like losing a perceived notion of control, the simple fact remains that I cannot produce a password so secure that my information cannot be hacked by someone willing to put in the time.  While a person may not care how to access my account on the forums, I'm certain having root-level access to my bank account would be worth it for them.

Well, maybe not *my* bank account...





God, I hope so.  I have like 70 user/pass combinations, all of which being *at least* random alphanumerics @ 8 characters.  I have to use a program (I like KeePass on a USB stick myself) to manage them all.  And I'm still not convinced that any one of them is secure, it's just that by keeping all different ones I minimize my risk when one gets compromised.  Even still, nothing would make me happier than to see the archaic user/pass authentication process get kicked to the curb.

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