Is It Time for a New "Browser War" - or Is It Already On?



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Google also happens to be incredibly slow at moving products out of beta.



im putting my money on google chrome, even though they have just entered the ring i think they will take out the opposition with out any problem as they have years and years of experimenting experience



I think what will be the most interesting about BWII is that every one of the contenders will have more platforms available to it than in the first showdown between IE/Netscape.  Particularly interesting is the sideline fight (which is starting to spill onto the main court) going on in the mobile arena...this adds a whole a new aspect to it that will be as interesting to watch as the main event on your desktop.



These are just skirmishes.  The real battle will take place when someone (not saying who would be most likely to do it) decides to 'optimize' their 'browser experience' for different web features that are not in line with pre-determined we standards.  The result?  Every web developer sweating bullets trying to make their site appeal to each variation of the browser experience because instead of two that can't agree, they'll be stuck with five that don't.

It's too early to say what will happen, but at some point one of those companies is going to try to angle web standards to reflect their own philosophy.  Then we'll have a real war on.



ooo!  ooo!  pick me!!  I know which one it will be!!

(hint...which of those 5 companies has the longest-standing history of exerting it's influence to affect acceptance of standards in it's favor?) 

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