Is the Google Apps Uptime Promise Legit?



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Basically the google contract allows google to recognize a problem and take corrective action either by swapping to standby hardware, or to let someone know this is a real issue.

Hell at our company its hard enough to get IBM to admit to down time for anything over an hour.  Anything less then that is not a breach of contract.  Legally speaking it never happened.

10 minutes would be a god send.



I'm inclined to say Pingdom needs to take a chill pill.

Even pingdom's "likely" scenario doesn't seem very likely to me.  Generally if there are server issues, you don't see a whole bunch of five minute downtimes through a day or something like that.  It's more likely to be something like twenty minutes or more.

Granted, Google's policy allows them to bake the numbers a little bit in that they could in reality be up like 98% of the time and by their method it would count as 99.9% (if the down times were short and spread out).  But I don't think it's a wild fabrication by any means.

Also, I'm guessing if Google claims that this SLA is an inudstry standard than it is.  This would be something pretty easy to disprove and throw back at their PR guy if it were false, so I can't imagine that they would claim that to be the case if it weren't.



i think Ping just has a problem with goggle, my internet, webhost, etc have been known to have a hicup for a miniute or two. Andhey have 99.9 uptime garorentees. Really if its donw for only a few minutes it not always the server your connecting to thats down, sometimes its you!



The down time could be your pc the ISP the phone line for dialup or DSL cable that is congested it could be google server the problem is there are to many variables to make such claims.

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