The iPhone 4 Hardware Costs $188



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For the most people  this is only waste your money but it depend on which the most people see, for  intereprener they will do something different like they have a plan to make app to sell and listed in app store.

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Steve Jobs likes you or, more importantly, the money in your wallet. Then once he gets your money in trade for his crappy hardware, he doesn't give a rats ass about you anymore.  I'll never ever buy Apple products, I wish they'd go out of business.



This cost is very high



Apparently cell phone consumers are idiots because they are willing to pay 2.5x what the product is actually worth.  It's become a fashion accessory and people are willing to pay a premium to look cool (also why apple marketing is so effective by creating this image).  Granted, most people don't pay full price for these devices, but the ones that do are fools (ya, I said it).

Video gamers on the other hand are smart in comparison.  Sony was forced for a long time (might still be) to sell the PS3 at a loss because gamers apparently are frugal and like to pay what the thing is actually worth (and then get raped on games).

Point is, if millions of morons weren't lining up in sweltering heat to get the next slightly better iteration of the iPhone for $500, everyone else would benefit with more reasonable pricing.  I still don't own a smart phone.  I'd love to have one, but I don't think it's necessary and I certainly don't think it's worth the cost -- especially being that I already pay around $200/month for FiOS.  I'd also rather be a social member of society instead of burying my head into my smart phone every chance I can (i.e. waiting on line for coffee, sitting at lunch with coworkers, etc).



Don't get too high on yourself.  The mark-up on cell phones is NOTHING compared to much of what's out there, much of which, you, like everyone else owns.  Audio equipment?  Video equipment?  5-10 times that mark-up. 



 I'd be interested to see what other things actually cost... such as high-end video cards and motherboards.


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"Although, we hear Foxconn works cheap."

Unfortunately, I had a mouthful of coffee when I got to that line. Ah well, my monitor needed cleaning anyway.



The title is self-explanatory. (Or, if not, Google "foxconn suicides") (and I nearly [but not quite] take that joke offensively, being a yellow fellow myself...)

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