iPhone 3.0 Software Released, If You Care about that Sort of Thing



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The funny thing is that you can get the new firmware free on the Touch legitimately. All you have to is just run a restore, but make sure to nuke the old firmware packages in updates folder, and backup your stuff first, you can find it in (winXP):

C:\documents and settings\YOUR ACCOUNT\application data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPod Software Updates It's in your users folder on Vista - C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT\Application Data....And iTunes will just download the most recent version, atleast that's how I was able to get up to Version 2.0 on my touch without paying.

- mike_ar03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



For all the ripping I do on Apple, the iPhone really is a decent piece of hardware all things considered. The only real beef I have with them is how tied it is to iTunes. Since I have to set them up for our employees with exchange support, it gets really irritating having to put iTunes on almost all our computers. One hundred iTunes installations = our IT dept getting iFucked.



wow, they charge for an update?



I've never heard of charging for an update. If I was inclined to get a Ipod touch, I'm really not gonna, now.



Yeah, they often charge for an update on the Touch.  Ironic that firmware updates are pretty much free on their competitors (and on Bittorrent).



Quickpwn will solve this issue. There is no sence in paying for an update just becaues you own the lesser of the 2. Iphone = free, Ipod Touch = pay. Makes no sence.



It makes perfect sense, they want to dig as much money out of you that they can...



This is why people "steal" software instead of paying for it.  Updates should be free.  This is another reason why I have a Blackberry instead of Iphone or the ipod thing.  Apple is just too greedy.

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