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"Oh, MaximumPC readers, your anti-Apple aggression does make me laugh sometimes."

Lol - You asked for it!

Tablets are cool. They don't replace computers, though they might for some with minimalistic requirements. Heh, that's most Mac people isn't it? :)

"One living in a communist nation has to try pretty hard to get out of it."

So it's easy to dump your Mac is it? All the learning time invested. The cost of the hardware and the software. Much of your data is in proprietary formats. It's not as easy as you make it out to be in many real world cases.

"You are not trapped in Apple's ecosystem."

Apple does everything it can can to trap it's users, just like many other corporations do. Open your eyes my friend.

"Did it ever occur to any who think this that perhaps people may just prefer OS X? (Like little things: plugging in a 8Gb USB key and actually getting eight gigabytes? :P  )"

Why don't you come up with a real, you know, useful example? Besides, this is about the iPad 2. Try plugging your flash drive into that. :D




The iPad2 is definitely a decent upgrade.  I didn't have the iPad1, but I've held it before and the iPad2 is definitely lighter.

My take?  It's a great internet device.  I use it when I travel; I can load a couple of movies on it, some ebooks and I have a portable entertainment machine.  I've tried it with laptops but the battery life, plus size, makes for one uncomfortable trip (plus I fly coach, so imagine my joy).

To all the iPad haters in the world:  if you don't like it, don't buy it.  Apple products *are* good.  I have a 2 year old macbook pro that's still running strong.  OS X 10.6 runs beautiful, I even upgraded the hard drive AND the RAM (500GB Hybrid drive from Seagate and now I have 8GB of RAM). It may seem like an overpriced toy, but it lasts longer than some PC's I've owned (and I torture all of my machines, BTW).



Nice review..



The hate is for the self satisfied know little but always think that Macs can do no wrong arrogant users.

If You had other companies that you could get an Apple clone from to use their OS and if Apple users admitted how often their Macs break down than the acdceptance would be higher.

As for me, when I can modify a Mac, upgrade it when I want, do everything on it I can do on a high end PC then I will consider owning Apple again (ues I did have one). Microsoft has to deal with thousands of configurations from hundreds of companies. Apple is.... well... Apple. Much less of a chalenge.



It isn't blind hate......               Destroy it, that will please us.            at the end of the week, Gordon will run over it with a truck             

well THATS an objective take on technologie.  i understand the resistance to apple but seriously the PC isent going away,... no one is limiting choices or removing products from the market. Really now people I've been building home built PC's for decades now and i have always resented having to drill down through god knows how many drop down menus to get the damn thing to do what i wanted. Microsoft has been a massive burden all these years and linux is.... about as much fun as compiling C code to run a hello world script.

Microsoft was 5 years late (debatable i know) to incorperate the web and again 5 years late even to adopt a DVD player. and who the hell wants to have to get a computer sience degree just to install a browser in a linux box?

Apple, love it or hate it, is exactly what the world needs now. software companys need to make code that is context aware and limit irrelevant choice options.

I prefer open architectures as well but the walled garden approach IS what makes the ipad/iphone so bullet proof. they dont have infinate variations to contend with, thousands of drivers to anticipate, or pointless backwards compatibility to drag along.

The PC has made itself bloatware with the massive burden of pointless and irrelevant options.

Apple is causing a rethink of this strategy, 3 years from now we all win no matter what platform you prefer.






I do not have a computer science degree and I have no problem installing software of any kind on my computer that uses Ubuntu.  I think you might be 5 years out of date on some things, too.



I don't own one but I see a ton of them in higher-ed and amongst executives. A lot of my tech friends have them too. Was on a flight next to a guy whose iPad had a few movies, several magazines and plenty o' screen and battery life to pass the time away. He ran it the whole 3.5 hours. Tablet looked comfortable and was easy to stow when he got up. Was a little jealous to be honest ...



iPad is not cost-effective, like many Apple products. I know better ways to spend $400-800 then on a tablet which is proprietary (not just in a hardware sense--you'll have to stick w/ iOS and its apps) and allows no usability for us power users. The main market for the iPad (from what I gather) is for 10-15 year olds (and for adults, Apple fanatics in general ages 18-60). My sister (who's 16) wanted an iPad for Christmas. I told her she was out of her mind. Lo and behold, she got the blooming thing for Christmas, and now finds that she can't completely replace her laptop with the iPad. It's basically a $400+ music, games and Twittering device.

Tablets in general may be convenient, but they're not even close than a good laptop, and certainly a good desktop PC. I like a large screen size, freedom (in choosing what hardware and software I can run), hackability, customizability, and POWER. PCs provide this very well and cheaply. Tablets--not by a long shot.



Look, I've never owned an Apple product in my life. I'm not a fan. As a music fan, though, what's described is really awesome (focus on the Garageband part of the review, here). That said, the price of the actual iPad would be a hiderance. As cool as the iPad would be at making music, I'd still rather drop that money on a real instrument. But that's just me.



We are Maximum MAC! (sarcasm) 



But, will it blend??? That is what WE MPC readers want to see!!!!!

And, if I had $700, $800 to blow, I'd much rather have an SSD that I could really use in my M17x R3. Now that is practicle.



I'm sorely disappointed with the camera, which quite frankly sucks. Otherwise, I'm finding the iPad 2 a decent all around upgrade over the iPad 1.



So what do you do with these things? Browse the web, check email, piddle around with lame applications....


I imagine these would be terrific in a workplace environment, serving specific and limited needs, but I cannot fathom such a device replacing a desktop or notebook computer running serious business applications or games.


Nice toy.



I take my tablet (whichever one I'm testing, or my current self-purchased iPad 1) on business trips to check email, my calendar, Twitter, etc. Touch tablets also vastly better than notebooks and netbooks for kicking back on the couch, and reclining in the backyard. As for apps, besides some key games I play often (e.g., HD pinball, solitaire, some virtual pool game, Angry Birds before I finished it), I like using the apps that provide slick, easy-to-use "wrappers" for sites I would otherwise visit in a browser window. For example, the CNN, IMDB and Wikipedia apps provide much quicker, much more streamlined and easy to read access to the same images, text and video.



I am personally not too fond of Apple merchandise. They are overpriced and more hype than anything else. Apple does have good products, but I am not paying 3k for Mac when I can buy the same hardware in a PC for less than 1.5k. When Google works all the bugs out of Android Honeycomb, I might jump onboard the tablet wagon. lol



Oh, MaximumPC readers, your anti-Apple aggression does make me laugh sometimes.



It isn't blind hate. Apple is an idealogical offense. It is the difference betweeen a curated life and freedom. For the same reason I don't want to live in a Communist nation I don't want Apple products. For the same reason I think Communist nations are bad for humanity I think Apple is bad for humanity.


This is why I oppose Apple whenever possible and discourage everyone I know from buying Apple products.



The problem with your analogy is that you have a choice. No one is forcing you to buy an Apple product or even read an article relating to them for that matter. One living in a communist nation has to try pretty hard to get out of it. You are not trapped in Apple's ecosystem.

What I find semi-amusing is that many of these people just assume that people like Macs because they are being led like a bunch of sheep or whatever. Did it ever occur to any who think this that perhaps people may just prefer OS X? (Like little things: plugging in a 8Gb USB key and actually getting eight gigabytes? :P  )



Couldn't have said it better myself.



Review of Apple product here?  Destroy it, that will please us.



I really hope, that at the end of the week, Gordon will run over it with a truck while its being burned to a crisp then dunked in bay water. Then for good measure, it can be put in a blender.

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