iOS 4.3 Update Borking iPod Touch Devices



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Just so you know, 4.3 also borked my iPhone by erasing all of my contacts. I keep my iPhone contacts separate from my contacts on my computer - I just use it for phone numbers only. I think what happened is it reset my sync settings. Just use restore from a backup you say? The update indicated that it was backing up my iPhone before the update, so I wasn't really worried. Problem is, this backup was overwritten by the subsequent sync or so I assume. I guess it considers an OS update backup the same as a sync backup. I tried to find a backup that was done prior to the OS update, but it was nowhere to be found - even after restoring the phone to the factory settings.

I suspect that the settings were reset by the update because the last OS update reset my iPhone settings to allow data roaming and basically turned all of my connectivity on. This may have been fine, but I was in Australia at the time, and before I knew it, I had roamed a 50 dollar bill.

Apple jerks.



It took me hours to get it to let me restore after it trashed my Touch. Then it put 4.3 on anyway. Now I can't install Opera, IMDb, Angry Birds, and others that I already had installed!



Well since my MC model iPod Touch (the 8GB on sold as "3rd Generation") can't update to this iOS, I'm not surprised.  4.3 was released a day early, but even though it's just a day early it still could have had a day to find the bugs.  Oh well.



DST issues, perfomance problems, bugs...  Apple isn't any better than any the Google or Micosof or other O.S. vendors. As long as the flawed human race make these things, there will be flawed products.  Just a part of life.  They will fix it and things will be fine.



Phew, I was starting to think it was just Windows 7 SP1 that borked things.  Glad to know it has crossed over to other platforms.

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