iOS 4.2 Update for iPad Lands Today



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I'll go out on a limb here and say that I would love to get one of these devices - but ONLY if the price was lowered by about $200.  For what you get, there is no way it ought to cost $500 freaking dollars.  It's a cool portable toy that I would pay $300 (mebbe $350 for 3G) for, but anything more and no way.  The same goes for all Apple products.  I wouldn't mind buying a MacBook Pro as a simple productivity comp (word processing, web browsing, etc), but only if about $1k were lopped off of the price tag.  But Jobs would never do something as charitable as that, so I'll continue to invest my money in them thar nice Asus laptops and enjoy my custom gaming tower instead.  Which really suits me just fine :)

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