Iomega Offers 1TB Network Storage for "Ridiculously Cheap" $300 Price



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*Note* The first one listed is Direct Storage not NAS, but most of the others are NAS.


Prices range from $189 to $369 for 1TB models, with 3 popular models at the $229 price range.

FWIW, Iomega has a drive listed there as well, although not the one in the article above, for $269, which is a bit pricey when you factor the lack of GbE.





somebody enlighten me on what bluetooth would be good for on a NAS box...?  Will the media server stream audio to A2DP headsets etc?



"It's ridiculous how cheap these things are..." and yet it's still over $100 more expensive than it's competitors.  It may have more options and features, but are they that great to over look that kind of price?

Here's to zip cartidges keeping some floppies company in the garage.



its not an external storage device its a nas, its basically a small computer, so for that price it is extremely cheap, i would like u to post a link to a NAS box that is cheaper then that by 100 bucks

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