Iomega External USB 3.0 SSD Flash Drive Announced



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Keith E. Whisman

It's just amazing that Iomega is still alive. I used to have a Jaz drive 120mb and I thought it was cool until the next day when I installed an CDRW drive. 

The problem is Iomega is that they are all about making proprietary technology. They should have joined the bandwagon on something, that way they could have turned a profit. That's why I'm surprised they are still in business. Who used their products enough to help them be profitable?

I think they did have tape drives and if true, they probably were able to stay alive with the tape drive market.  



usb 3.0 + SSD ..  is this even worth it ?

I think SSD as an internal OS boot drive is more logical.

what do you guys think ?

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