IOGEAR Launches Wireless HD Kit, Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit



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This is new. I think I like it. When I decide on that I will get one! Everybody seems to be wanting new cars, and they talk about crises! I was also checking some used cars Cincinnati because I couldn't save enough money to get a new car but the last used car I bought was very good, so I trust them.



I want one of these! Actually I want anything that can be used in a car, because cars are my passion even if it's a weird passion for a woman. Anyway, I plan to get a Nissan Philadelphia soon because I heard they are good cars, so I will also get this solar Bluetooth to play with!



This is cool! I'm checking some websites now because I want to get a Conversion van and I could use some gadgets. I don't think that the price is high so why not having it? From what I have read though, some people seem not to be very pleased with them so after I test it I will let you know how it works.


Elisabeth Brittani

I'm still not familiar with the car gadgets, so I have to ask: is the price $69.95 for the Bluetooth and EDR compliant too much? Because I have this beautiful Jaguar Philadelphia was kind enough to offer me and this device would be great for me, because I always speak on the phone while I'm in the car and the Bluetooth sure looks great.


Kira Shannen

If you can charge the Solar Bluetooth Hand-Free Car Kit with solar power, what is the use for recharging it via USB? I feel like the end of the Sun is near with this backup. I wonder if my hiring at the Fox car rental will offer me the possibility to see all sort of cool gadgets like this...


Ella Rochelle

Great article, loved it! I will come back with a comment later.



I am a big fan of car accessories and a Solar Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit made me curious. A friend of mine, who works at a used cars Ft Lauderdale service bought a similar product. Until now he is very happy with its performance.



I have used the Solar in my car for the last 6 months and I have to say it has pretty much flawless performance. Strongly recommended to anyone wanting a simple, durable Bluetooth solution in their cars.

La zagaleta




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