Invites Sent Out for Apple’s “Latest Creation”



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I'm glad that Apple is heating up the 'tablet' market. Other companies won't be content to leave this segment of the market to Apple. I'd love to have something similar to the iPad with a similar or better price.

Being slightly paranoid, I'd like physical control of the WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G links that could completely shut them down when not needed. An on/off button that completely removes power from the reciever/transmitter would be adequate. (While leaving the rest of the iPad powered.) I guess I've read too many spy novels!

I'd be most interested in non-Apple and non-proprietary uses for the iPad. I detest proprietary devices. My primary uses would be as a text/html reader with the ability to edit text/html files. Reading public domain ebooks would be high on my list too. I'd want to be able to transfer files between my PC and the iPad easily. It would be fun to play around with audio and video too, but that is secondary for me.

- dezingg



 I'm willing to bet that it's some sort of welding process that will allow the engineers at Apple to weld their computers shut in a way such that the computers can never be opened again. It will be called the iScrewYouEvenMoreNow... and it will prevent evil-doers from tampering with Apple's hardware. 

Either that or it'll be some sort of mechanical horse... who wouldn't kill for a mechanical horse.

Wait... Apple Tablet? What's that... some sort of tablet or something? 




 Ok, what we need to do is build a giant Badger....


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 Watch them release the "iType" keyboard. It'll be a big, long, sleek looking keybo with a little 5 inch touch screen on the side of it and an Apple logo. It'll have a low voltage processor, say maybe an N270 in it, a gig of RAM, available in 8, 16, or 32 gig sizes, have bluetooth, wifi, HDMI- wait, what?

Asus made that already?






Release the Apple zealots, Steve Jobs worshipping hordes now. /s

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 Maybe it will be the Mac logo with a frown instead.




They did that already...remember the "sad Mac"?

My guess is they'll change the direction the pinwheel spins, claiming it has some sort of performance benefit.



 Maybe it'll be a new mouse, with a scroll wheel, and side buttons! Or a keyboard with an LCD on it. You know, like the ones already available for PC's, but only they'll be from Apple so everyone will think they're super amazing awesome!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



I REALLY hope Apple announces a tablet. I want this badly because nobody actually wants a tablet, and evil Apple will lose tons of money.



There's not a chance in hell I'd buy it from Apple, but a tablet PC, done right would definitely interest me. It's just that I don't like paying twice as much for what I can get six months later from someone else. I'm holding out for MS's Courier. It's looking really slick, though I'm worried that it's not actually in-the-works seeing as how it wasn't shown off at CES.



I agree that tablets haven't caught on as much as the current tablet manufacturers hoped, but I can imagine an apple tablet being a bit more successful.  I mean, consider the ipod touch/iphone, but in a bigger, more practical form factor and a lot more os x it or hate it, it's bound to raise the bar for tablets.  i mean look at the success for the stupid kindle, it's a book reader ffs and people are buying it!

ps. i don't like apple for many reasons, but i can't deny that if they release a tablet, it will be a hit (but i still won't buy it :)


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