Invisibility Cloak One Step Closer to Reality



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This is moving much faster than I'd suspected it would.  Last year some folks at Duke developed a metamaterial device that did a very similar thing, only it wasn't in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  At the time it was speculated that it would be quite some time (see: a few years at least) before metamaterials could be developed that would function to stealth from visible light.  So even though these things are still very young and in the research phase, they are moving along significantly faster than expected and might not be as far off as they appear at first shrug.


Keith E. Whisman

Just one word Superdooperwonderfulawsomewickedbadassneattowhoopasskickass. I want one do they have mens size XXXlarge Tall?



Keith E. Whisman

I wonder if you have clothes made from this stuff and you flick a switch if it would appear your naked?

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