Investors Respond to Seagate's Better Than Expected Quarterly Revenue Estimates



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Seagate's earnings are up - and who is surprised by this?  Any loss they suffered due to the floods in Thailand were no-doubt insured and thus not actual losses.  They leveraged this bad news to increase the price of their products (just a month ago HDD's were retailing at 200% of their cost compared to 6 months earlier).  Finally, they cut their warranty period, thus freeing up all kinds of capital that would have otherwise been reserved for RMA services.  In the end, again, it's the customer that loses:  higher prices and lesser product-quality/service for all.




Perhaps RIM should try flooding their facilities.



That made me chuckle.



Check Best Buy Tek, and you'll soon realize that newegg is reaping a big part of that margin.  And don't be hasty; check the price spread at Best Buy from the 1TB up to the 3TB for Barracuda capacity points.

Sure prices went up because of Thailand but channel partner gouging hasn't helped the situation much at all.  @newegg - Profit much?

Shop smart!




Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB 7200 RPMis $399 on newegg - I can see why they're so profitable.

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