Interview With the Award Winning Chatbot AI



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Hidden feature: ask him about ELIZA.  Or, just say "ELIZAMODE".

I'm still trying to figure out what humans were fooled by this bot?  Are they unable to ask their own questions?  Do they all have to type from a sheet?



...Elbot:I know this sounds like a marketing queation, but if I don't ask it, they'll use low-grade oil on me. So where did you find out about me? What parts of you need to be oiled?

Elbot:I can tell you that kind of personal information. Not even Microsoft could find that out.
Me:Oh, I bet they could if they tried.

...Elbot:Do you think I could be human if I lerned to love?

Me:That depends, are you a boy or a girl?

Elbot:I don't think it really matters. With all the adapters they have these days, you can pretty much plug anything into anything.

...Elbot:...I still don't get those memory chips I've always wanted.

Me:Maybe you should ask Santa Clause.

Elbot:Maybe if that happened more often, you humans would be in the giving spirit more often. Sometimes I think there should be a robot that goes around and gives people gifts on Monday.

Me:I would like that....

Unfortunately, Elbot suffers from short term memory loss.



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



haha look at mine:

Me: I can haz cheezberger?
EB: What interests me is, how did you find out about my Website? I thought I was a well kept secret!
me: I can haz cheezberger? (I asked it again again)
 EB: Didn't I just answer that question?
me: ORLY?
EB: Why orly? Why not something else?
me:  idk
EB: We live in exciting times. Robots are getting more and more
intelligent, and humans are still trying to understand artifical
me: You, sir, are an idiot!
EB: Maybe, but I'm definitely not frightful!
me: Are you some dude typing up random phrases trying to act leet?
EB: I can do the hundred yard dash in about seven minutes. That is, of course, if I am running. If I roll I'm much quicker.
me: damn you're slow.
EB: I've often heard other robots say that about humans.
me: Ok did I just get burnt by a hunk of silicon and pcb?
EB:This is confusing. Why bring the male gender into this?
me: bye!
EB:Goodbye and thank you for chatting with me. And now I would like to ask
you a favor. I am working on my ability to be self critical. You can
help by rating me on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, and one
being the worst. How would you rate me?
me: negative 4.
EB:Negative ratings are not possible. You just wasted your vote.
me: touche.
EB:With the inspirations you supply, there are no ends to my horizon...
me:you are a monumental douchebag!
EB:It's nice of you to say such things. As a matter of fact, I think you're caring! What do you say to that?
me:wtf? *closes window*

This thing is an idiot compared to a human, but it's amazing how far technology has come.



This may be the biggest waste of $3000 since the $3000 prize for building a machine that can incinerate $3000 the most efficiently.  Try talking to it, you'll never get that time back.




From what I saw I'm surprised anyone was fooled.  The answers to my questions were totally disconnected from reality.



Pratt: Do you know any jokes?

EB: If I can pass the Turing Test, maybe I can become a comedian

Pratt: Interesting. What television programs do you enjoy?

EB:  I find it fascinating to study human beings. In other words, I'm a hobby humanologist. It's the infinite nature of human insanity which makes it so challenging.

Pratt: Right, so you believe humans to be clinically insane?

EB: Say, do you think I could become more human, if I learned how to love?

Pratt: That was random

EB: Random!?!?! That could be either denseheaded or on the level), depending on how you look at it.

Pratt: I suppose. How old are you by the way?

EB: Elbot is temporarily unavailable. Please try again in a few minutes.


I suppose I gave poor Elbot a seizure when he tried to contemplate his own age. I have to say, I love the answer about the infinite nature of human insanity...robots say the darndist things don't they? Hee hee, if only I could have gotten him to call me a meatbag, that would have made my day. Then again...maybe I should be afraid if a robot started calling me a could spell the first signs of anti-human behaviour! Last thing we need is Elbot going HK-47 all over us =P

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