Internet Giants Consider Coordinated Blackout To Protest SOPA



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Going to laugh at how many people are going to be like "WTF I can't post anything on facebook!!"



Great idea!  I love the idea of using freedom of speech, or in this case, the freedom not to speak, to protect our 1st Amendment rights.  Maybe all these sites contemplating going offline for a day could instead have a home page (for that day) that gives an overview of SOPA, and why they are offline.  It would list major corporate SOPA and PIPA supporters, including telephone numbers and links to those sites' feedback pages.  Also include the names, numbers, and links to all the representatives and senators, and provide their positions on these bills.  The corporate and congressional links would be the only active links on their pages that day.  Logically, the people unaware of the SOPA situation would get online to go to Facebook, see that page instead, and immediately start complaining to those corporations and congressmen.  Also include a list of congressmen and corporations who have been outspoken against SOPA.  They should get the votes and the business.



Let's Roll!  It's the only way to get their attention.



I support a blackout. I can accept being without these services for a little while. What I can't accept is the firestorm of crap SOPA will cause.



The number of people who are "ignorant" to SOPA greatly outnumber those of us who do know what it's about. To black out services like Google searches, Facebook and so on would result in the masses grabbing their pitchforks and shovels. Not to mention the ramifications that it would have on the business world if you disabled Paypal or Google searches.



What if GOOG and co just redirect all govt traffic to a "get stuffed" page, and provide a click through information page for public ip addresses?



I hope they announce when b/c I would like to take my sites down too.



just do it, let them see what even a small portion of this bill can do to day to day life.



I would not mind this it would give me time to do something contructive like exercise or Read my Bible or both with a Audio Bible.


s1r 70nk

I approve of this course of action. I don't care if I can't access those websites for a day. I just hope our government officals get the hint and the major corprations that support SOPA. Also, what the the ISP positions on SOPA? They are going to be the ones in the end that this would directually effect because they will have to develop the software and hardware to make there DNSs SOPA compliant.



Many people depend on using google and those other sites. Why doesn't google just put it on the bottom of their homepage like usual? perhaps even put up a page that you can click through to keep using google.




Also, on the same note : Fight SOPA

What Can You Do? (from

If you’re based in the U.S. and against this act, we urge that you e-sign this petition to ‘Stop The E-Parasite Act’. The initial goal was to get 25,000 signatures by the end of November and as I write this, there are more than 40,000. Clearly, this is a movement that is gaining momentum.

For our international friends, there is a petition here that has got a tremendous following.

EFF has another avenue to have yourself heard :



If they do this, they obviously need to do it carefully. Something like "This is what will happen if SOPA passes. Stop it now!"



I like this idea.  It may not work, but it would be worth a try if these bills keep advancing.  I like the idea of a link to an online petition.



perhaps we could just redirect their searches to a google map to the location of their local library so they can read a book






I'd personally love to see this happen, and have high hopes that it just might get enough people to care about SOPA to put a stop to it once and for all. But the cynic in me just figures that they'll push it through regardless, or use the blackout as a scare tactic to get people in favor of more govt. control in order keep these websites from "abusing their power" in the future. Or something equally stupid.



Admittedly, I am of the geek crowd, but this issue must be brought to the attention of even 'joe plumber' and I think this is the best way to do it. The only way to counter the flow of back room graft is to piss off a significantly large portion of the general public.



Do it, 10 minutes without their twitter, facebook, google, and yahoo and all the ignorant people get one hell of a rude awaking.


I personally am already prepared, got my hosts file all set to go with a LONG list of my favorite websites. If anyone has info, or can help me host a dns server contact me at


On a side note, just have a black screen with the white letters Stop Sopa in the top middle. Then have a spoiler tab that when clicked gives a list of congressmen/congresswomen.

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