Internet Explorer Use on Windows 7 Continues to Grow at the Expense of Firefox



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Idon,t beleve this



Ummm, the way I'm reading that graph is - People on IE8 are upgrading to IE9 (hence the correlation between the two trends) and that Firefox is losing marketshare to Chrome.



yeah that makes more sense to me too



i like chrome cause of its raw speed but dont trust google all that much i like firefox but its rather slow and well memory leak, because of that i use waterfox (thanks mpc) which gives me firefox like abilitys but with chromes speed :)



Just started using Waterfox yesterday. So far, so good.



As others have stated, the only issue I have with firefox is the memory leak, which isn't as bad as it used to be, but still needs some major fixing.


I only use IE9 for DoD related sites, as trying to get certificates, along with my card reader to work in firefox is more of a pain than it's worth.



Market share of a free product?

The only thing I use IE9 for is updating Windows.

I won't use Chrome, because I don't trust Google. I'd just as soom trust those Facebook asshats.



Firefox needs to fix their memory leakage. It hasn't gotten any better and plugins like Memory Fox don't help. Often I have to restart the browser to free up the unused memory that FF hasn't released.

Why does this continue to be a problem? How hard is it to fix?

Maybe instead of trying to add an integer to the current version every week they should focus on actual, meaningful updates to the software.



I haven't found memory leaks to be an issue (admittedly, I have 8GB), but it would be nice if they slowed things down and made the browser better. I just ran into an addon that was meant for earlier versions of FF, and I had to install the addon compatibility reporter to get it working (and it worked flawlessly btw).



I was just thinking that. The ONLY reason I am using Chrome is because of the Firefox memory leak. I was a hardcore firefox user, but the memory leaks were killing me. Every version, i thought maybe they fixed it....Nope. For now, Chrome works great for what I need it for.



You can use Firemin to fix the memory leak issue, it lowered firefox's memory usage from 256K to 1-3 K.

You can download it at

They also offer offer memory leak fixes for Thunderbird and Sea Monkey.


Ghost XFX

I'm not leaving Firefox/Waterfox. Sorry Microsoft...though I'm not sure why I'm sorry, considering...



I blame the growth in windows 7 systems in q4 amongst uneducated users for the artificial growth curve of ie9.

Edit:  Also, if you look closer at the graph, you'll notice that the curve of firefox and Chrome are almost symmetrical, whereas the curves of ie8 and ie9 are almost symmetrical.  If you graph ie8+ie9, then graph firefox+chrome, you'll notice a slight downward trend in ie8+ie9 and a slight upward trend in firefox+chrome, though only ever so slight.



Agreed. I think it was a sloppy job intepreting and analyzing the data.

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