Internet Explorer Usage Climbs to a Six Month High, Has Chrome Lost Its Luster?



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WATERFOX for windows 64 not gonna use any google product since their security change and i actually like waterfox better



I am a fan of Chrome's overall simplicity and speed. It boots fast, looks clean (without having to add a theme), loads things fast, and the app market for Chrome is slowly widening to the point where I can get some of my favorite Firefox apps on Chrome now. I'm a personal fan of Google and their products that I use.



I think there is some monkey business going on with the numbers.

IE sure as hell hasn't improved. From an interface standpoint, it's gotten worse.

Sadly, so has FireFox. It's rapid release nonsense has shattered reliability. If it weren't for extensions, I would have dropped FF months ago. I've been using FF for years and years now, and I'm about ready to give up on it.



I've pretty much stayed with FF for the longest time. On occasion I install any one of the other browsers just to have a feel for something different. I can't disagree with Chrome's performance, and I was pretty impressed how much IE10 (on Win8 CP) has improved, but eventually I still go back to Firefox. Maybe it's familiarity, and there are these little things I find I really like on Firefox that the other browsers haven't implemented. Not to say that it's been perfect, but for the kind of work (and recreation) I do, it's as close as it can get.



I have and I'm sure many others have thought that Internet explorer <8 have been pretty bad. I have used Firefox than Chrome and now IE9. IE9 is amazing. It's truly amazing. It is extremely fast, clean, beautiful and unique. I like it because it is nothing like any other browser. It's style is clean and modern. Thats something no other browser has without trying to install some theme that you have been searching hours for. The world is teck world is changing. People are in for more needs. IE9 covers your needs.

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The browser still hogs too much memory, making navigation like old people make love, Slow and Sloppy. I just can't endorse a product that still is a piece of crap.



I don't trust Chrome and I do not want extra Google stuff on my computers. How much faster can it be anyway? Web pages open for me in under a second. I am one of those that went to FF, then tried Chrome and am now back using IE9



Used Firefox forever, then went to Chrome for about a year, and now I'm back on Firefox. Haven't really used IE since v6.



Beat me to it, major. Statistical trends in the browser market on any scale smaller than one year are meaningless blips. Having said that, I'm no fan of either IE or Chrome. Both are WAY too advertiser friendly for me, giving me no effective way to block annoying flashy-adds, interstitials, etc.

I realize MaxPC and others make their living from advertisers, but some are just too irritating to tolerate. I will not blanket block all ads from a site, but I will block the PC equivalent of the EXTREMELY LOUD television ad "featuring" a greasy-haired ambulance chaser who looks like a frustrated pedophile.



I use Chrome at home and have to use IE at work. No matter how I tweak IE and fuss with it, I can't ever get it to work as well as Chrome.

Used to use Firefox, but about a year ago with one of their updates, the colors turned all garish. Very annoying and again, couldn't tone the coloring down without washing out videos/pictures on websites. Weird.



Perhaps the numbers are affected by all those who ditched Firefox due to its loss of stability when they launched their inane "rabid update" project. (Not a typo).



Chrome is just as lustrous as ever, thankyouverymuch.



At work they recently "upgraded" from IE6 to IE7, so this includes all this usage. Firefox is still my favorite though.



Eeeh I dunno about that. If you look at the break down of the browser versions, it includes all IE versions in that total, meaning a user would jump from the IE6 stat to the IE7.. still counts under the same IE.

I do agree about Firefox though. I have never had good experiences with Chrome on my desktop(s)/laptop(s). I've always had some kind of freezing/performance issues that I've just never had with Firefox. Maybe it's just my configuration. I'm not knocking Chrome.. I just think people in the tech sector are sort of bandwagon-ers. As soon as something bigger, better, shinier and "faster" (I put that in quotes because regardless of speed reports, Firefox is still faster for me because it doesn't crash) comes along, they can't wait to try it and say it's the best thing ever.. probably just so they can brag that they're bleeding edge to family/friends/relatives/etc. Firefox works for me, so I'll keep using it. The day Chrome starts working better, I'll switch.



You must be forgetting the dark days of FF4, when Chrome was much faster because FF was dog-slow and leaked memory like a sieve. Personally, I've never had any significant stability issues with Chrome. Maybe it was an extension/theme? Thankfully, the latest FF is on-par with Chrome speed-wise (I use both at work). I think FF's features and extensions work better for me, which is why I stick with it.



Interesting. The browser wars are shaping up nicely. Microsoft is starting to push back by promoting IE9 via marketing and the one I see in theaters is definitely leaving an impression on me. Good for Microsoft to keep things competitive.

Now...if only all of the browsers managed to adopt one set of standards for HTML5/CSS3, we'd be all set...



Wild guess: the spike in IE usage is due to the preview of Win 8 which might register access to any service as made with IE.



Especially with over 1 million downloads on day one.

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