Internet Explorer Gains Market Share for Third Consecutive Month



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I use IE8 as my main browser.  With the addition of an adblocker equal to adblock plus there is no reason not to use it.  Sure it's slower than the rest, but really does it matter?  I mean you're comparing browser speeds in milliseconds, not whole seconds.  Most people can't even tell the difference.  I find that IE8 with the added security when using protected mode with UAC, and in private filtering to be the safest browser out there.  Everyone compares it to FF or Chrome saying it has no extensions to make it usable.  I politely disagree.  The only add-ons I really needed to add are simple-adblock and xmarks.  I'm good to go.



I have found myself going back to IE from time to time lately. The main reason is that the latest version of flash seems to be really qwirky on some websites. My flash plugin crashes quite frequently on sites like facebook now. I find the crashing rarely happens on IE though. Of course this could be a personal issue and has more to do with flash than the browsers themselves, but it doesn't take much to turn the tide.



 Windows 7 is a terrific operating system, the best of all the Windows that came before (I go back to Windows for Workgroups 3.11 on floppy disks). IE 8 is just being dragged along is all.



Almost every comparison test shows that IE is slower than every other browser. Microsoft needs to make a comeback with IE 9.



I pretty much use chrome all the time...switched about 2 months's just seems faster to me.  And with the extentions you can really make it versitile.



Of course this is the case.  Ms has been spending big bucks for tv ads about Bing and IE.

I see no reason to use either.  Opera on my netbook is blazing fast.  A google search shows how to ad block.



I am one of those that went back to mainly using IE8. I went away from it (mostly) for almost a year and I have tried the rest. I still use Firefox some as I really like some of its plug ins. The others? You can keep them, they just are a pain to use sometimes and I want my browser to be easy and trouble free. IE-6 and 7 were behind the times but IE-8 is decient and generally trouble free so it is a simple easy choice. I am no fanboi of any of them but come on, it is a browser, not an OS, not an application, no big deal.



The speed at which they execute scripting is where IE lags hardest I've found. Noticeably. I did my own unintended test where I wrote a script that opened 9 pop-ups of I was actually showing someone how pop-ups work. My results were:

IE 1....2....3....4....5....6....7....8....9.

Firefox 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9


Opera instantaneously opened all 9.

I still stick with Firefox because I've been using it since version 1.5 - crapload of customizations and add-ons I haven't found equivalents for.

Also, when using IE8, I hate when the New Tab dialogue hangs - because unlike the other browsers, the whole programs stops for the New Tab to initialize.

And then you have W3C compliance... Jesus Christ... See, most people don't care because most people want things to "just work" without having to decide anything at all - it's amazing MS didn't win at being the official decision maker of web standards.



I couldn't agree more Baer. Also, I keep hearing about how "blazingly fast" Firefox, Chrome and Opera are, but in my experience I have no complaints at all about the speed of IE 8. I don't have to wait on any web sites to load and when I tried the other browsers I didn't see enough of a difference to justify all of their shortcomings.


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