Internet Explorer 9 Skips Ahead of Opera in Browser Usage



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I don't know why Microsoft bothers to report this.  Those who choose not to use IE won't come back to it even if Microsoft reported 105% usage.

Those who do use IE barely know what a brower is and that other options exist.

If anything, this is a black eye for MS.  According to this site, they have some 80% of the market in OSes, but only 40% of the browser market.  Half their customers have jumped ship!



In other news, Diet Pepsi edges past Mr. Pibb as the most popular soft drink for 19-year-olds.



Well of course it's being well recieved, it's finally catching up to functions all the other browsers have had for years (I'm looking right at you download manager) and it's only supplanting IE 7 and 8 in windows installs. and considering that half of windwos users still run XP, it's gonna be hamstrung right about 50% of usage.

give me a call if it manages to surpass that then I'll pay attention, but right now it's just cannibalizing older installs, not gaining users like all the other browsers.



<p>Opera doesn't exactly have a ton of marketshare, despite it being a fantastic browser.  If IE9 can catch chrome or ff, then we have something worth talking about.  Right now it's meerly replacing the IE8 installs on people's machines that run win7.</p>

<p>Lets not forget that nearly half of the OS world still runs xp saddly, and the others that aren't running win7 or vista, are running mac or linux, which don't run IE9.  There's a good 60% of the market that plain old can't run IE9, that CAN run the new chrome and ff releases.  (65% from ~45% winxp, ~10% mac, ~5% linux/other)</p>



Internet Explorer 9 was installed by the windows Update...add Opera to windows updates and let's see how well they do.



Well received, or just being shoved onto users that don't know better?

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