Internet Explorer 9 Goes Gold, Will You be Downloading It?



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Not a chance. They made it only compatible with Vi$ta and Window$ 7, I am still using XP at work. Their strategy to try and make me upgrade my operating system so I can have the latest IE is a chump move. I tried the Beta at home on my Vi$ta machine and promptly uninstalled it, it doesn't seem to be any faster than Firefox 3.6, and Firefox 4 is coming soon, so how is IE9 a competitive upgrade?



Yes I will DL it since im working on a website ill need to make sure it works.



Internet Explorer is the number 1 browser for downloading a better browser



So, today at work, I was trying to set up a Facebook page (worst task ever) and needed to see changes to the page from a group member, non-member, non-signed in viewpoint(s) at once. So I fired up Chrome (my main browser), IE9 and Opera. I was VERY pleasantly surprised by IE9. It was easily as fast as the other two, and as clean in UI (more so than Opera). 

If not for the customizing I have done to Chrome (which, incidentally, adds little chrome to Chrome), and the lack of a built in spellcheck (really?) I would probably consider switching.



I'll upgrade to IE9 from IE8.  I've tried Safari for awhile and I took it out of my machine (well, not installing it after a reformat).

Truth to be told, I don't really use IE at all unless I'm forced to (e.g. at older websites which have to have IE in order to make it pop up properly - there's still a few out there).  I find that IE is slower to boot up and at times, it just sits there and 'think' whereas Firefox and Chrome don't suffer from this effect.



I had no intent of actually using IE9, but I wanted to see what all the hype was back when the beta was released. Sure, it's quick, but Firefox can be just as fast, if not faster. I noticed really no difference other than it was a tad faster than IE8.

Why I won't use IE? It's not a standalone program (it's integrated into Windows), its susceptability is the worst (Safari coming in at a close 2nd), it has limited customizability with settings, tweaks/hacks (like about:config), and addons; and IE is not what power users use because it's not flexible. That's my reasons, and I don't think its necessary for an IE fanboi to complain because of my reasoning (it's actually happened before; I really honestly never knew there were IE fanbois, but then I guess there's also fanbois of 56K modems out there who cry foul when others say broadband is better--get my point?), which hold plenty of truth. Face it: IE has improved somewhat, but it's still far, far, FAR away from what Firefox will ever be. If you like IE9, fine. If you say it's better than FF, than you might want to re-evaluate your evaluating criteria.

So, yes I have downloaded the beta (and promptly removed it after trying it out). No, I will not be downloading the RC.



Nope, I'll be sticking with Firefox and Chrome (I use both equally pretty much).  I haven't touched Internet Explorer in years on my own computer, though I've had to use it on my parents' computers.  *shudders*



I've tried all the browsers, including IE9 gold, but to me IE9 is still way slower than Opera 11, which I am using now, or FF4 rc, or Chrome 10 stable.  I guess IE9 is better than IE8, but that isn't saying much.



Downloaded and tried IE9 and then deleted it. I have not used IE since 2007 and thought I would just give the new release a try to see if it has gotten better. NOPE! Still sucks! I've been a loyal fan to Firefox and do not plan on changing. I did download the new FF4 and I love it!!!



Nope. It doesn't run on Linux.

Seriously though, I use Opera on Windows on Linux because it launches so quickly and the UI is nice and clean. As for IE on Windows, I leave whatever version the Windows came with to maximize compatibility with legacy software. That means IE6 stays on XP, IE8 on 7. (IE9 looked really bad when I tried the beta, anyway.)


Mighty BOB!

I'll download it whenever they put it in windows update.  Although I only use it when FF can't render a page designed specifically for IE.



Downloaded and tried IE9 after reading the article. I am very impressed, nice interface and really quick compared to FF3.6 which is my default browser. If it wasnt for all the add ons I have in FF, I'd consider switching back to IE.

I haven't seen FF4 yet (waiting for full release), but Microsoft have done well with IE9.

edit: Forgot to mention; I can use FRAPS for IE. Hardware acceleration at work? Does IE use DX, OpenGL or something else for rendering?



Yep, I sure will. I always keep IE up to date for security purposes (for those rare apps that imbed it), I just don't USE it.

I've been a Firefox user for many years (since around 1.0ish?), though I recently courted Chrome for a couple of months, but it just didn't do it for me. I switched back to Firefox 4 beta12, and now the RC, and have been happy to be home.



IE9 TYVM, but NO-WAY-NO-SAY. IMHO Micro$oft *bUrNt* its browser-bridges with me long ago. Therefore, giving them another chance is completely out of the question. Ever since I discovered Fire Fox I've fallen in love with it; and not yet has it burned me, so I'll stick with it for as long as it works on both Win7 & Ubuntu.

Occassionally I'll get adventurous and try Opera, or Chrome or whatever else have you. I do enjoy the shiny *new* of something different from time to time. But IE in any flavour no thank you.




In response to the headline: no.



I installed IE9 as I can't get FF or Chrome to play nice when applying network settings in my router (perpetual loop when applying settings). IE9 is faster than FF4 RC and Chrome at initial launch. It's also very quick at rendering webpages. It's not bad honestly.



IE 9 works for me. Does what I need it to do when I need it.




IE9 will never beat Firefox 4 (RC) :D

I love this new Firefox. Been using the beta since July 2010. It is quite different from Firefox 3, both in looks and speed.

I like Opera as my other browser though, it has some features I wish Firefox had (even though there's plugins for them, they just aren't as polished as Opera's features).

I haven't tried much of Chrome, although it looks good.



It's only been LESS than a year since IE9 was in Beta and RC?  It thought it was much longer than that.  I've been running Windows 7 for about a total of 2 years now (dating back to the Beta stage) and I'm pretty sure I remember IE9 Beta being integrated into it.  I'm in no rush to switch to IE9 though.  I may only bounce around in between Firefox and Chrome.



I honestly hope that IE9 is a big improvment but until I see some real gain I'll stick with Chrome which google does a great job updating and improving.



I've been using Opera for 10 years now. Simpy because up until the last few years, they were really the only ones innovating, and by then I was used to them. Before that I used Netscape.

If I ever switch to another browser, I somehow doubt it'll be Internet Explorer.

I'd even consider myself a Microsoft "fan", but I have such a negative reaction when I hear about Internet Explorer, it might as well be a Mac product.



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