Internet Addresses Getting a Makeover in 2012



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.com is a GTLD.

Anyway these new TLDs won't change anything. .com is much too popular. People will still visit and not or whatever. If anything these new TLDs are a way for ICANN to squeeze more money out of trademark holders who will have to make defensive registrations to protect their brand.



... so anyone wanna take a guess as to what Jenna Jamison's website would look like under the new system?


Keith E. Whisman

I can only imagine how this will affect the thriving, internet porn industry. I can also imagine how this can help net filtering software become far more powerful and reliable. 



It will be interesting to see how forums and cms-like systems will handle this, all the url and email address validation systems will need to be rewritten since they currently check for an extra .** at the end of an address (be it URL or Email). And how browsers that automatically search keywords if it doesn't have a domain extension (like chrome and firefox).



That, and it'll provide greater security - as mis-spelling an address won't re-direct you to a virus infested website.

I can see ".com" becoming a place for everyone's personal pages - like a Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pandora, and Dropbox all rolled into a nice little package.  Instead of going to individual sites, you (or others) can just go to [your_name].com to do everything.



So, only deep pocket companies need apply. What is this? I guess I need more information as from the little information in this article that seems grossly unfair to small businesses.



How dare you question your masters! Shut up Slave!

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