International Game Developers Association Pooh-Poohs Amazon's Appstore



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I like how Amazon is having a free app of the day.

As for android, I'm fine for it with games. There are plenty of apps and games out there for both the iPhone and the droid. I just like the droid better.

Notice, there doesn't have to be so much droid hate either.

It goes both ways. Each to his own. You like the iPhone, more power to you. It doesn't affect me one bit. I like the droid better. It doesn't affect you one bit. We're both happy so let's just leave it at that.




It is this kind of crap that keeps me from buying via Amazon.

That and the slow 'shipped from the warehouse' I always ran into.  Getting the stuff out of the warehouse usually took longer than UPS actually delivering the package.

I wonder how much this happens with other stores.  Does Walmart get to put the screws down on their suppliers like this?



Walmart can since it's so huge, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if it does.  It has to keep its prices down somehow, and that's the simplest way.  According to an NPR story I heard a few months ago, they're working to change that and develop a more symbiotic relationship with their suppliers to benefit the customers, Walmart, and the suppliers.  I know such a relationship is possible and the methods to achieve it are all in the public domain, but I don't know if and when it'll come to fruition. 

Sears used to be the worst, but probably not anymore.  It used to be a well-known fact that if you were a supplier who landed a contract with Sears, you would soon go out of business.

I have to wonder how well Target and Costco treat their suppliers.



Walmart does.



Android and its entire ecosystem sucks for games. Its a mess!

I'm a PC Gamer on my windows box and an iPhone gamer on the go. There are so many awesome games on the iOS App Store why would I bother with another platform. Playing games on Android would be like playing games on a Mac.

Notice, there doesn't need to be so much Apple hate. They nailed it with the iPhone just like just like PC Gaming rocks on windows. Now if Microsoft would just support PC Gaming. I won't do the Xbox!

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