Internal Microsoft Sales Video Stars the "Gmail Man"



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One point of their ad is really that in a business related emails there are confidential discussions that are meant for eyes only. Email sniffing in an enterprise environment intrudes on a fundamental business practice. Whether they're exaggerated or not, it’s a real concern.



If you are a business concerned with the security of email content (like there is such a thing to begin with), then you should stand up your own mail server instead of using a third-party offering supported by ad revenue.



I don't like the invasion of privacy any more than anyone else. But I'll say two things.

1. Ads are everywhere anyway. I pay better than 10 bucks to see a movie that has advertisements in it. And another 10 bucks for $1.50 worth of refreshments. Why, when I am paying out the nose for a movie, should I have to see advertisements? Why, because it is inevitable that everyone who can find a way to put an image in front of my face and ensure that I will look at it will sell advertising space. At least Google is giving me cool free stuff. And if I have to look at ad's any way, the least they can do is offer something I might find interesting. It's a far cry better than the tons of spam my mailbox is constantly flooded with. And on a similar note, Google has the best spam filter I have ever seen.

2. Google's free offerings are driving down the prices of similar products that like to charge you through the nose. So, if I ever need to buy a more fully featured software package than Google's free alternative, I can rest assured that I am paying less for it than I would have otherwise.


The bottom line is that Google is helping my bottom line. Their advertising equates to real world value for me. Make no mistake, they want to be the Evil Empire just as Microsoft and Apple do. But if I must be slave to some giant evil corporation that seeks to drain my life blood and control every facet of my life, then I choose the one that gives me free stuff.



I actually think there's a lot of truth in this, that most people don't realize. Of course a lot of people don't realize that Google is an Ad company anyway. From the search engine to the Chrome projects it is all about ad revenue.



Even though the video was kind of funny in a cheesy way, it just looks like MS hired some Apple ad boys to show them how to spread half truths and innuendo. I say good for them, why should they be any different?

As for me don't use G-mail so could care less.



Ad would be effective.


Ignoring Google's big government (here) and tyrannical government (elsewhere) complicity and coziness is to be ignorant.


The "they're only robots" lark is just that. I don't want anyone or anything up in my stuff.


MdX MaxX

You seriously can't compare an algorithm that points and shoots at single words to a human who can use your information for all sorts of undesired or malicious purposes.

Heck, let's say someone at Google was reading your mail  If, through email, you're transmitting and receiving information that could cause more than a minor inconvenience if compromised, you should probably rethink what you send through email.  I wouldn't think to send plaintext passwords, credit card numbers, or anything like that through email.

My point is this: the chances of Google's word-scanning causing you any serious harm are slim to none.



Also the post office is the gov and them knowing what is in my mail vs google is a very different thing.



So, I get that the author is a Google fanbboy and since he only has a part-time job he doesn't spend too much time using work email but for anyone trying to protect their privacy, IP, etc. the idea of Google or another third party scanning their email for ads is creepy and wrong (and if you check the EULA on Hotmail and Office 365 Microsoft points out that it does not do that).  From just a privacy perspective how would you feel if the US Post Office made it a point to read your mail in return for free delivery?  We wouldn't stand for it.  Just because it's digital doesn't mean that it isn't of value.

P.S. If a Google bot can read so can a person at Google.



Why wouldn't you use an email aggregator (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird) and bypass those ads like typical office worker?



It could be worse. We could be like China.






lol, I liked it. Still love my Gmail though, it doesn't really bug me to get personalized-ish ads.



I think people would have a problem with *actual people* reading their email.


As Ghok said - I don't really care if Google's robots are reading it.



It would be kind of nice if people started to feel that e-mail is comparable standard postal mail. Maybe then we could get some decent privacy laws in place like we have for postal mail.

(For the record, I don't really care what Google's robots read.)

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