Intel's Valentine's Day Gift: Non-Defective 6-Series Chipset



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i am waiting for my replacement of P8P67. 2600K At 5 GHZ :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))



Like Gordon says, the issue with the chipset is no big deal. I pulled my ASUS P8P67 EVO mobo out, put it and all the pieces back in the box, got my old i7 computer back up and running and was going to RMA the EVO when I realized. "I DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP THIS MOBO!". Even going back to 3GHz i7 quad core o/c to 3.7 was just painful as I got so used to the 4.4 GHz goodness that is Sandy Bridge.

 I put the whole thing back together, put my SSD and hard drives on the 6G ports and said "Screw it! They will have to pry this board out of my cold, dead hands". Even if Newegg offers a replacement board, I am not going to take them up on it. Lose an SATA optical port? Just move to another one.



hey JohnP !

haha good writings !!

ya I got similar stuffs --  i5-2600k + P8P67-M Pro. But sadly I'm still using GTX260.  I wish GTX570 would come down to $300 soon cuz I desparately need it ! 




Are they actually fixed, or did they just remove/block them?

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