Intel's Thunderbolt 2 Interface Doubles Bandwidth, Supports 4K Video



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"Dubbed Thunderbolt 2, the new spec is already found on a more than a dozen new 4th Generation Intel Core processor-based products."

I'd love to know what new Intel based motherboards have Thunderbolt 2.0 as I'd spring for it. I fear that Paul Lilly misspoke.



4K is here and the sooner manufactures let go of the old HDMI and 1920 X 1080 standard the better. Even my wife agrees that if I update her bathroom, I get the 4K mancave.



If we could finally move away from our beloved crappy low-res monitors and make a push for higher-resolution, higher-refresh-rate displays, maybe Thunderbolt will finally come into its own. Until then, the only thing it's really being useful for is Apple products. PC's are still clinging on to USB 3, DVI, HDMI, and DP for dear life.



So now I just need a 4K TV, 4K computer, 4K camcorder, and 4K TV service, and I'll be set! I'm pretty sure that last one doesn't exist yet...

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